Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Puggin' Kara

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard this. I really like this guy, and this is a great cover/parody.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Great Hawtas Tale, Part 2

Tuesday at Casa de la Asher was quiet. We went to the Rothko Chapel, which is an amazing, meditative art gallery that holds a number of Mark Rothko's black canvas paintings. It was rainy and humid, and that immense chamber, with those black walls was amazing. We were sitting on a bench, looking at these canvases, when Hawtas leans over to me and says, "I don't see anything Ash." I chuckled, and explained that the black canvas was supposed to make you look into yourself, and see in the canvas what is inside yourself.

We only stayed about 20 minutes before another group came in, so we chose that time to make our exit. After walking around a bit, we got back into the car and went over to the Menil Collection. The collection is an art museum (actually, a bunch of museums, outdoor art, and the Rothko Chapel), and is one of the finest collections of art this side of the Mississipi river. It holds over 15,000 pieces from ancient times to the modern day, and focuses on impressionists. Sadly, when we tried to go to the museum, we were told it was closed due to the power being out. Bummed, we trudged back to the car to head back to the house.

Wednesday, we didn't have many plans. Rhianne came over after she got off work, and hung out for a while before we headed out to Wednesday night coffee. Its a weekly gathering of some of Rhianne's real life friends, and gamers, at a local, independant coffee house. Rhianne had made me a cake for my birthday, which was the Sunday before, and we were going to cut the cake at the coffee shop.

We arrived, and Hawtas got introduced around. Dianthys was there, as was Alamaine, Alil, and the always funny Muse. There were others, but I don't recall names very well, sorry if I missed you. Rhianne cut the cake, and we all had bit pieces of it. I loved the cake part, but the frosting was a bit strange. It was very moist though, and I ate a couple of pieces of it there, took some home and ate it off and on all week. There was a bit of douchebaggery going on there towards Hawtas, that I won't get into publicly, so we split and headed back to my place.

Our girlfriend, Sabrina, had arrived while we were at coffee, and she helped us get packed and prepared for the next day, and our trip to San Marcos. Later that night, Hawtas accepted our offer to be promoted to High Council. We are proud to have him on board.

Next time, our faithful heroes trek across the great state of Texas in search of fun, booze, and near death experiences.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

News: Vanity Pet and Mount Changes

"We’re pleased to announce a convenient upgrade to the way that mounts and vanity pets are handled in Wrath of the Lich King.

Players will be able to “learn” a mount or non-combat pet much like learning a spell, recipe, or new ability, and these creatures will then show up on a new Pet tab within the Character Info section of the interface. Players will be able to access and preview their learned mounts and vanity pets through this tab.

Once learned, the pet icon or mount icon will no longer appear in bag spaces or bank spaces. This inventory space will be made available once again for other adventuring needs. Pets can still be set to hotkeys by dragging them to the hotkey bar, much like any other spell or ability."

Some new information coming out of the WotLK beta, and a blue post. I think this is a great change, as it will open up at least 3 slots in my bag (vanity pet, ground mount, flying mount), and alot more in others.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great Hawtas Tale, Part 1

It all started with a vacation idea. Earlier in the year, Hawtas and I were discussing our summer plans. My wife and I had vaguely discussed going to Gen*Con, or Dragon*Con. Perhaps camping (ugh, in the summer?), or a casino! It did not at all include meeting someone from The Keepers. Hawtas and I discussed it further, and chose the week after my birthday. He would crash on our couch for a few days, and then off to Austin for a few days of fun. He would arrive Monday, July 7th and leave Sunday, July 13th. The plan was in place, the hotels booked. We were ready to have some fun!

It. Took. Forever. To. Get. Here.

Monday afternoon finally arrived, and the wife and I drove to Hobby Airport to pick him up. We arrived about 20 minutes early, and only waited a short time before his plane landed. I noticed someone in the distance, who looked like him, but I wasn't sure. I had a cardboard sign that read, "Hawtas", but he walked right by me. I said his toon name, and he turned and smiled. We introduced ourselves, and talked for a while. He got his luggage, and we headed out into the SE Texas Summer Heat (tm and c).

We stopped by our favorite pizza joint, Star Pizza and had a couple of different pies. The Starburst (a bunch of meats with fresh tomatoes, and olives) and a Magahrita, which is a meatless thing with white sauce instead of tomato. It was quite tasty, and Hawtas seemed to enjoy it as well. From there, we headed to Nan's Comics and Games Too, a 30 year old comic/game store. We picked up the expansion pack for the 2-player Settlers of Catan card game, a pack of the new WoW TCG, as well as a clear plastic card box for my Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx. Hawtas picked up some WoW TCG, but neither of us got any in-game loot. Shame. From there, we went to The Magick Cauldron, a pagan shoppe where I got some powdered incense.

We headed back to my place, so that we could meet Rhianne there at 5:30. My wife had to work that night, so Rhianne, Hawtas and I headed off to anther Texas favorite, The Alamo Drafthouse. The Alamo is a first run movie theater, but it has a twist. Every other row of seats is taken out, and replaced with bar tables. From there they have a full menu of foodstuff, including burgers, pizzas, appetizers and the like. You can also order beer and wine, of which I had legion (Ok, so two). Its a great place to enjoy a beer and a flick.

We saw Hancock, which I liked for the most part. It works well as a superhero movie, without being tied down to an established property. That gave it the legs to be something great, but a terrible villain kind of brought it down a notch in my book.

After the movie, we headed back to my place and crashed out.

Tomorrow, Part 2 as our heroes struggle to find culture in Houston, and a meeting of friends turns sour.

Monday, July 14, 2008


see more dog pictures

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Great Hawtas Tale... coming soon.

We got home from Austin about 4:00pm local time, and I am totally bushed. I have a long, drawn out post to write, but its not gonna happen tonight.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keepers promote two to High Council

The Keepers of the Realm have added two new High Council members: Aethelthryth and Hawtas. Both these guys are going to do a great job for the Keepers, and help us build up our guild to new and greater things.

Make sure and give them a big huzzah!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hawtas is here!

Hawtas arrived in the great state of Texas this afternoon. We are chilling at my house with Rhianne before we head out to see Hancock and get some food. More updates later.

The Coming of Hawtas

My guildmate, good friend, and all around... oh, why lie, he's a bum... anyway, Hawtas is coming.

Uh... whee.

Seriously, though its going to be fun to finally meet the guy I have talked to so much over the last year. Hawtas has been a good friend, and I am glad to have him couch surf for a few days before we head to Austin, Texas for a weekend of fun, debauchery and drinking... lots of drinking. Keep an eye out here for updates about what we are doing. If any of our Houston and/or Austin friends want to hang out, hit me up via email at

I pick him up from the airport at 1:25pm Monday, so off to bed for now.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Screencap: Adormra Dances

Here is my Rogue, nearing 63, dancing in his Midsummer gear. Very cool looking stuff this year.