Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Great Hawtas Tale, Part 2

Tuesday at Casa de la Asher was quiet. We went to the Rothko Chapel, which is an amazing, meditative art gallery that holds a number of Mark Rothko's black canvas paintings. It was rainy and humid, and that immense chamber, with those black walls was amazing. We were sitting on a bench, looking at these canvases, when Hawtas leans over to me and says, "I don't see anything Ash." I chuckled, and explained that the black canvas was supposed to make you look into yourself, and see in the canvas what is inside yourself.

We only stayed about 20 minutes before another group came in, so we chose that time to make our exit. After walking around a bit, we got back into the car and went over to the Menil Collection. The collection is an art museum (actually, a bunch of museums, outdoor art, and the Rothko Chapel), and is one of the finest collections of art this side of the Mississipi river. It holds over 15,000 pieces from ancient times to the modern day, and focuses on impressionists. Sadly, when we tried to go to the museum, we were told it was closed due to the power being out. Bummed, we trudged back to the car to head back to the house.

Wednesday, we didn't have many plans. Rhianne came over after she got off work, and hung out for a while before we headed out to Wednesday night coffee. Its a weekly gathering of some of Rhianne's real life friends, and gamers, at a local, independant coffee house. Rhianne had made me a cake for my birthday, which was the Sunday before, and we were going to cut the cake at the coffee shop.

We arrived, and Hawtas got introduced around. Dianthys was there, as was Alamaine, Alil, and the always funny Muse. There were others, but I don't recall names very well, sorry if I missed you. Rhianne cut the cake, and we all had bit pieces of it. I loved the cake part, but the frosting was a bit strange. It was very moist though, and I ate a couple of pieces of it there, took some home and ate it off and on all week. There was a bit of douchebaggery going on there towards Hawtas, that I won't get into publicly, so we split and headed back to my place.

Our girlfriend, Sabrina, had arrived while we were at coffee, and she helped us get packed and prepared for the next day, and our trip to San Marcos. Later that night, Hawtas accepted our offer to be promoted to High Council. We are proud to have him on board.

Next time, our faithful heroes trek across the great state of Texas in search of fun, booze, and near death experiences.

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