Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Sometime early Saturday morning, Hurricane Ike is foretasted to be hitting the Houston area. Because of this, I may not be availble after then depending on the circumstances. The Keepers High Council has my phone number, and I will try to keep everyone updated.

I also plan on blogging about my experiences on my LiveJournal. You can reach it by following this link:

If you have a LJ, friend me, and I will friend you back.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I ran Hyjal today with another guild, and had a great time. This place was built for Paladin tanks. Wave after wave of undead, makes it easy as pie to gather them things up and AOE them down. We tried four times, and made it to the boss 3 of those times. Our best shot was 17%, which was really good for a group with T4 and badge gear.

Looking forward to hitting it up next week. May hit BT next Saturday with the same group.

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Content Patch Before WotLK

According to Eyonix on the official forums:

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King approaching, we wanted to provide you with some important information. In preparation for the expansion, we will be issuing a new content patch in the coming weeks. Much like the patch made available shortly before The Burning Crusade's release, this content patch is designed to bridge current game content with that of the expansion and will contain some exciting changes and additions.

We have outlined some of the larger features scheduled to release with the patch below:

New class spells and talents
Stormwind Harbor
Barbershops in capital cities
Zeppelin towers outside of Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades
Two brand-new Arenas featuring challenging new layouts, terrain hazards, and moving obstacles
Guild calendar
Hunter pet skill revamp
New profession: Inscription

As mentioned above, this is not a comprehensive list, just some of the major highlights. We’ll post the full patch notes as soon as they’re available. Regarding Inscription, please note that all Burning Crusade players will be able to select Inscription as one of their two professions and level up to a skill level of 375 with it. Upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King, players who purchase and install the expansion will be able to continue leveling in Inscription and the other professions beyond 375.

I find alot of this interesting, and it is quite similar to the 2.0 patch before Burning Crusade. Getting our new talents will make raiding more interesting, the specs being more defined. I also think allowing Inscription into the game early is going to make herb prices go through the roof, so get your herbers out there to stockpile, and sell the day the patch hits. Make alot of extra gold that way.

Friday, August 22, 2008

News: WotLK Cinematic is up!

Go drool...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I know, I know...

I know I suck, I admit. I had a big crush of real life stuff hit all at once, and I had to cut some time out from in front of the keyboard. Not only this blog, by my Livejournal, and WoW raiding got interrupted. The good news is, that I am back, I still have my memories waiting to pour out for you warm souls who like me enough to want to know.

But I do come bearing gifts, but before I give it, I need to explain something. I wear a hat. See...

I like my hat. Its a cool hat, and looks good on me. I like how its a little bit Texas, and a little bit Rock and Roll. Also, when I was growing my hair out (currently, its about 6 inches down my back) it helped to have a hat to cover up the fact that my hair sucks when you can't comb it out of your face, or pull it back in a pony tail.

Truthfully, I don't like paying for haircuts. Heh.

Anyways, I give you. Hawtas in my hat.

Make sure to /wave when you see him in game. :D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Puggin' Kara

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard this. I really like this guy, and this is a great cover/parody.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Great Hawtas Tale, Part 2

Tuesday at Casa de la Asher was quiet. We went to the Rothko Chapel, which is an amazing, meditative art gallery that holds a number of Mark Rothko's black canvas paintings. It was rainy and humid, and that immense chamber, with those black walls was amazing. We were sitting on a bench, looking at these canvases, when Hawtas leans over to me and says, "I don't see anything Ash." I chuckled, and explained that the black canvas was supposed to make you look into yourself, and see in the canvas what is inside yourself.

We only stayed about 20 minutes before another group came in, so we chose that time to make our exit. After walking around a bit, we got back into the car and went over to the Menil Collection. The collection is an art museum (actually, a bunch of museums, outdoor art, and the Rothko Chapel), and is one of the finest collections of art this side of the Mississipi river. It holds over 15,000 pieces from ancient times to the modern day, and focuses on impressionists. Sadly, when we tried to go to the museum, we were told it was closed due to the power being out. Bummed, we trudged back to the car to head back to the house.

Wednesday, we didn't have many plans. Rhianne came over after she got off work, and hung out for a while before we headed out to Wednesday night coffee. Its a weekly gathering of some of Rhianne's real life friends, and gamers, at a local, independant coffee house. Rhianne had made me a cake for my birthday, which was the Sunday before, and we were going to cut the cake at the coffee shop.

We arrived, and Hawtas got introduced around. Dianthys was there, as was Alamaine, Alil, and the always funny Muse. There were others, but I don't recall names very well, sorry if I missed you. Rhianne cut the cake, and we all had bit pieces of it. I loved the cake part, but the frosting was a bit strange. It was very moist though, and I ate a couple of pieces of it there, took some home and ate it off and on all week. There was a bit of douchebaggery going on there towards Hawtas, that I won't get into publicly, so we split and headed back to my place.

Our girlfriend, Sabrina, had arrived while we were at coffee, and she helped us get packed and prepared for the next day, and our trip to San Marcos. Later that night, Hawtas accepted our offer to be promoted to High Council. We are proud to have him on board.

Next time, our faithful heroes trek across the great state of Texas in search of fun, booze, and near death experiences.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

News: Vanity Pet and Mount Changes

"We’re pleased to announce a convenient upgrade to the way that mounts and vanity pets are handled in Wrath of the Lich King.

Players will be able to “learn” a mount or non-combat pet much like learning a spell, recipe, or new ability, and these creatures will then show up on a new Pet tab within the Character Info section of the interface. Players will be able to access and preview their learned mounts and vanity pets through this tab.

Once learned, the pet icon or mount icon will no longer appear in bag spaces or bank spaces. This inventory space will be made available once again for other adventuring needs. Pets can still be set to hotkeys by dragging them to the hotkey bar, much like any other spell or ability."

Some new information coming out of the WotLK beta, and a blue post. I think this is a great change, as it will open up at least 3 slots in my bag (vanity pet, ground mount, flying mount), and alot more in others.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great Hawtas Tale, Part 1

It all started with a vacation idea. Earlier in the year, Hawtas and I were discussing our summer plans. My wife and I had vaguely discussed going to Gen*Con, or Dragon*Con. Perhaps camping (ugh, in the summer?), or a casino! It did not at all include meeting someone from The Keepers. Hawtas and I discussed it further, and chose the week after my birthday. He would crash on our couch for a few days, and then off to Austin for a few days of fun. He would arrive Monday, July 7th and leave Sunday, July 13th. The plan was in place, the hotels booked. We were ready to have some fun!

It. Took. Forever. To. Get. Here.

Monday afternoon finally arrived, and the wife and I drove to Hobby Airport to pick him up. We arrived about 20 minutes early, and only waited a short time before his plane landed. I noticed someone in the distance, who looked like him, but I wasn't sure. I had a cardboard sign that read, "Hawtas", but he walked right by me. I said his toon name, and he turned and smiled. We introduced ourselves, and talked for a while. He got his luggage, and we headed out into the SE Texas Summer Heat (tm and c).

We stopped by our favorite pizza joint, Star Pizza and had a couple of different pies. The Starburst (a bunch of meats with fresh tomatoes, and olives) and a Magahrita, which is a meatless thing with white sauce instead of tomato. It was quite tasty, and Hawtas seemed to enjoy it as well. From there, we headed to Nan's Comics and Games Too, a 30 year old comic/game store. We picked up the expansion pack for the 2-player Settlers of Catan card game, a pack of the new WoW TCG, as well as a clear plastic card box for my Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx. Hawtas picked up some WoW TCG, but neither of us got any in-game loot. Shame. From there, we went to The Magick Cauldron, a pagan shoppe where I got some powdered incense.

We headed back to my place, so that we could meet Rhianne there at 5:30. My wife had to work that night, so Rhianne, Hawtas and I headed off to anther Texas favorite, The Alamo Drafthouse. The Alamo is a first run movie theater, but it has a twist. Every other row of seats is taken out, and replaced with bar tables. From there they have a full menu of foodstuff, including burgers, pizzas, appetizers and the like. You can also order beer and wine, of which I had legion (Ok, so two). Its a great place to enjoy a beer and a flick.

We saw Hancock, which I liked for the most part. It works well as a superhero movie, without being tied down to an established property. That gave it the legs to be something great, but a terrible villain kind of brought it down a notch in my book.

After the movie, we headed back to my place and crashed out.

Tomorrow, Part 2 as our heroes struggle to find culture in Houston, and a meeting of friends turns sour.

Monday, July 14, 2008


see more dog pictures

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Great Hawtas Tale... coming soon.

We got home from Austin about 4:00pm local time, and I am totally bushed. I have a long, drawn out post to write, but its not gonna happen tonight.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keepers promote two to High Council

The Keepers of the Realm have added two new High Council members: Aethelthryth and Hawtas. Both these guys are going to do a great job for the Keepers, and help us build up our guild to new and greater things.

Make sure and give them a big huzzah!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hawtas is here!

Hawtas arrived in the great state of Texas this afternoon. We are chilling at my house with Rhianne before we head out to see Hancock and get some food. More updates later.

The Coming of Hawtas

My guildmate, good friend, and all around... oh, why lie, he's a bum... anyway, Hawtas is coming.

Uh... whee.

Seriously, though its going to be fun to finally meet the guy I have talked to so much over the last year. Hawtas has been a good friend, and I am glad to have him couch surf for a few days before we head to Austin, Texas for a weekend of fun, debauchery and drinking... lots of drinking. Keep an eye out here for updates about what we are doing. If any of our Houston and/or Austin friends want to hang out, hit me up via email at

I pick him up from the airport at 1:25pm Monday, so off to bed for now.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Screencap: Adormra Dances

Here is my Rogue, nearing 63, dancing in his Midsummer gear. Very cool looking stuff this year.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

World Wide Invitational: WoW News

This weekend, in Paris, France the Blizzard World Wide Invitational is being held. Outside of the great Diablo 3 news, there is also some WoW news to touch on as well.

Hunter pets are getting their own talent trees, including a tanking tree, a dps tree, and a utility tree. This is a great change in my opinion, as it makes the hunter pet (the main reason to be a huntard in my opinion) that much more of a powerhouse. Could this mean that hunter pets could be the next tank? With enough threat generation, and Stamina they could.

Shamans are getting a polymorph style CC, and some totems like Strength of Earth, and Grace of Air are being combined. Also, totems will stretch to the entire raid, not just the party they are in.

MMO-Champion has a long list of additional changes as well.

News: Diablo 3

The recent splash page preview that I talked about last week, has been revealed. Diablo 3! Check out the teaser video:

Diablo 3 - Cinematic Teaser from Boubouille on Vimeo.

Amazing! Really looking forward to this. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

News: Horde get Brewfest Kodo, Alliance gets Ram

According to a blue post today, Alliance players will not be getting the Brewfest Kodo as expected. The Alliance will get the Brewfest Ram that was given away last year. I just don't understand this move. The Horde was given the chance to get the Brewfest Ram last year, a dwarf racial item, with little or no effort. Now Blizzard is 'fixing' there problem by giving the Horde something else.

Now I don't want to get off on a rant here*, but it just seems spiteful to me. I don't see what the problem would be in having a Kodo on the Alliance side. There doesn't seem to be any issue with the Horde having Rams.... and while we are on the subject of mounts, why can you only ride certain mounts. Shouldn't Asher be able to run up on a dang Zhervra, or Wolf or whatever and ride it wherever I go! I paid 5,000 gold for my epic training, I should be able to ride NPC's, dangit! Can't you just see Dorabel riding high on her epic Thrall mount.

*Apologies to Dennis Miller

Monday, June 23, 2008

News: splash page

A new splash page shown on the World of Warcraft community frontpage shows an interesting new graphic. What looks to be the runes from Frostmourn radiate from the main page.

Since the World Wide Invitational is being held in Paris, France this weekend, I predict this will be the street date for Wrath of the Lich King. Before anyone gets excited, Blizzard is well known for changing street dates. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would say that WotLK will be out between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will blow right through that date, and release in mid-Janurary, much like The Burning Crusade.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Midsummer Festival! v0.2

Honor the Flame

Eastern Kingdom
Arathi Highlands - Refuge Pointe 50, 44
Blasted Lands - Nethergarde Keep 58, 17
Burning Steppes - Morgan's Vigil 80, 62
Dun Morogh - Ironforge 64, 25
Dun Morogh - Kharanos 46, 46
Duskwood - Darkshire 74, 51
Elwynn Forest - Goldshire 43, 65
Elwynn Forest - Stormwind 41, 61
Hillsbrad Foothills - Southshore 50, 46
Loch Modan - Thelsamar 32, 40
Redridge Mountains - Lakeshire 24, 59
Stranglethorn Vale - Booty Bay 33, 73
The Hinterlands - Aerie Peak 14, 50
Western Plaguelands - Chillwind Camp 43, 82
Westfall - Sentinel Hill 56, 54
Wetlands - Menethil Harbor 13, 47

Ashenvale - Astranaar 38, 54
Azuremyst Isle - The Exodar 41, 26
Azuremyst Isle - Azure Watch 44, 53
Bloodmyst Isle - Blood Watch 55, 69
Darkshore - Auberdine 37, 46
Desolace - Nijel's Point 65, 17
Dustwallow Marsh - Theramore Isle 62, 40
Feralas - Feathermoon Stronghold 28, 44
Silithus - Cenarion Hold 57, 34
Tanaris - Gadgetzan 52, 29
Teldrassil - Darnassus 57, 93
Teldrassil - Dolanaar 55, 60
Winterspring - Everlook 62, 35

Blade's Edge Mountains - Sylvanaar 42, 66
Hellfire Peninsula - Honor Hold 62, 58
Nagrand - Telaar 50, 70
Netherstorm - Area 52 31, 63
Shadowmoon Valley - Wildhammer Stronghold 40, 55
Terokkar Forest - Allerian Stronghold 55, 55
Zangamarsh - Telredor 69, 52

Desecrate the Flame

Eastern Kingdoms
Arathi Highlands - Hammerfall 74, 41
Badlands - Kargath 4, 49
Burning Steppes - Flame Crest 62, 29
Eversong Woods - North Sanctum 46, 50
Eversong Woods - Silvermoon City 70, 43
Ghostlands - Tranquillien 46, 26
Hillsbrad Foothills - Tarren Mill 58, 25
Silverpine Forest - The Sepulcher 49, 38
Stranglethorn Vale - Booty Bay 32, 75
Swamp of Sorrows - Stonard 47, 47
The Hinterlands - Revantusk Village 76, 74
Tirisfal Glades - Undercity 68, 9
Tirisfal Glades - Brill 57, 52

Ashenvale - Splintertree Post 70, 69
Desolace - Shadowprey Village 26, 76
Durotar - Orgrimmar 47, 38
Durotar - Razor Hill 52, 47
Dustwallow Marsh - Brackenwall Village 33, 30
Feralas - Camp Mojache 72, 47
Mulgore - Thunder Bluff 21, 26
Mulgore - Bloodhoof Village 51, 60
Silithus - Cenarion Hold 46, 44
Stonetalon Mountains - Sun Rock Retreat 50, 60
Tanaris - Gadgetzan 49, 27
The Barrens - Crossroads 52, 28
Thousand Needles - Freewind Post 41, 52
Winterspring - Everlook 59, 35

Blade's Edge Mountains - Thunderlord Stronghold 50, 59
Hellfire Peninsula - Thrallmar 55, 40
Nagrand - Garadar 51, 34
Netherstorm - Area 52 32, 68
Shadowmoon Valley - Shadowmoon Village 33, 30
Terokkar Forest - Stonebreaker Hold 52, 43
Zangamarsh - Zabra'Jin 36, 52

Version History
0.1 - Original Draft
0.2 - Updated Honor/Desecrate the Flame quest locations

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Midsummer Festival!

((Note: This is a work in progress, and will be updated frequently on the blog until it is completed.))


Inside Slavepens

New Dailies

Flame Catching -
Flame Tossing -

Honor the Flame

Eastern Kingdom
Morgan's Vigil - Southwest of Flightpath
Redridge - West of Flightpath
Goldshire - East of city
Westfall - Next to Flightpath
Duskwood - South of city
Netherguard Keep - Outside city gates to the north
Karanos - South of Ironforge
Loch Modan - Thelsamar (west of the city)
Menthil Harbor - Over the bridge
Southshore - North of Flightpath
Arathi Basin - East of Refugee Point
Arathi Highlands - East of Flightpath
Western Plaguelands - Chillwind Camp

Eastern Plaguelands, Thorium Point, Rebel Camp, and Booty Bay do not have Honor the Flame quest givers.


Auberdine - Next to Flightpath
Winterspring - North of Flightpath (Horde fire west of Flightpath)
Astranaar - East of City
Nijel Point - South of City
Gadgetzhan - West of Flightpath (Horde fire, east of Flightpath)
Silithus - East of City

((More updates later))

Sanctum of the Stars, Un'goro,

Thursday, June 19, 2008

News: 2.4.3 PTR is up

MMO-Champion has the PTR patch notes, and undocumented changes. There are a few exciting changes upcoming. Here are a few that I picked out.

-Regular mount minimum level is reduced from 40 to 30: This is a good change I think. The grind through the 30's, especially in STV, will be much easier. I am sure this will get a lot of complaints.

-Epic gems from arena point vendor: All the honor gems are now available for 800 Arena Points.

-Tailoring gets a 28 slot herb bag: About time. The 24 bag is fine, but bigger is always better.

-Haris Pilton vendor: This vendor in Worlds End Tavern in Shattrath, offers a number of different items, including a 1200g 22-slot bag. The other stuff is money sinks, ala Griftah.

-A bunch of new mounts: A new bear mount, the headless horsemen mount and a Brewfest Kodo! A Kodo! I hope Alliance gets it too!

-Magister's Terrance changes: The stun effect from the Mage guards has been removed (thank god).

There are a number of other changes as well. Let me know if you get on the PTR!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Screencap: Aeth as Gnome

Just before killing Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan, Aeth was turned into Little Red. Trinkit couldn't keep her hands off the new Gnome.


Raid Night: Karazhan

Tonight we hit up Karazhan for our weekly badge run. We took down Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and Big Bad Wolf in 89 minutes. The last two hours were devoted to Nightbane (one shot), Curator (one shot), and Illhoof (3 shot). I picked up Barbed Choker of Discipline off of Maiden, replacing an embarrassing blue.

We picked up 13 badges, bringing my current total to 73. That led Aeth and I into a conversation about the badge chest pieces. He pointed me to Maintankadin, a forum for paladin tanks. There, I found a list of epic tanking gear. The three chest pieces that were discussed, Chestplate of Stoicism, Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian, and Shattrath Protectorate's Breastplate. I was pretty set on the Breastplate, due to the high spellpower and spellhit, but according to the list its pretty low. The Chestplate and the Chestguard are both in the #3 spot, and I am kind of torn. I will most likely end up getting the Chestplate, as it is more stamina.

Either way, I will have finally replaced a blue with an epic. Then all thats left is my shoulders. I have thought about running Heroic Sethekk alot to get them, but they are the lowest epic shoulders you can get. I will have more luck getting them off of High King, or the first timed chest from ZA, of which we are about to get.

All in all it was a good night. Looking forward to ZA on Thursday.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

PvP Woes

We won our first 3v3 match tonight, but lost the next six. We faced a couple of really, really good groups including a Rogue, Rogue, Druid and Warlock, Priest, Druid. I am not sure what to change, but I think we need to, as a group, study more on strategy.

Weekend Play

On Friday, I worked some dailies with Dorabel to gain some cash, and hit up a pug group for Heroic Sethekk Halls on Asher. That was a terrible group. The shadow priest couldn't keep anything shackled for more than 10 seconds, the paladin healer let me die while lagging 4 times, and the hunter was in almost all greens. This is why I don't do pugs.

Saturday was another day of dailies on Dorabel. I was going to go to Gruul with Cenarian Protectors, but some real life friends came over and we had a great night of cold beers and lively conversation.

Today, I hit Exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive with Dorabel. Now I have to get from 3K into Honored, to Exalted with the Scryers so I can use the new neck piece. Looking forward to that long grind.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

News: Arena Season 4 Begins 6/24

According to Blue Poster Eyonix, Arena season 4 starts on June 24th! Save your points! All personal and team ratings will be changed to 1500 for a fresh start. Season 1 gear will no longer be available from the Honor vendor (but will still be available from the Shattered Sun vendor for Tier 4 tokens), and Season 2 gear will take its place. Season 3 gear will now have lower personal rating requirement, and lower cost.

The first couple of days after new arena gear comes out, there is a big push for enchanting, and other item enhancement goods (armor kits being one). So if you have some extra stuff lying around, might be a good idea to put it up on the AH the evening of the 24th.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Screencap: At the Feet of Ragnoros

This was taken at our recent BYOB Molten Core run, before we took down the Fire Lord. We had a great time, and are heading into Naxx for our next BYOB run on May 27th, 2008 if anyone on SC would like to go.

Raid Night: Karazhan

Our weekly badge run into Kara was a great success this week. We got through Curator, with Nightbane down as well. Jeralon (70 Dranaei Hunter) got a nice trinkit, and Saffrin (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]) picked up 3 pieces for her Feral set. On top of that 11 badges, and we had a good night. I have 59 saved badges now, aiming for 100 to get Shattrath Protectorate's Breastplate.

I also plan on farming Heroic Sethekk Halls for the Spaulders of Dementia. They aren't the best tanking shoulders in the game, but they are a great upgrade from my current DS3 set shoulders. The only ones better where I am currently are the Mantle of Abrahmis off of Netherspite.

I also found a great video to share.

'Warcraft' Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing 'Warcraft'

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Horde Monday: Dustwallow Marsh Questing

Only 4 of our 5 members were on tonight, so we were minus a tank. There was talk of hitting up Stranglethorn Vale, but I am pretty much sick of the place. I hadn't done the Horde side Dustwallow Marsh quests, so I suggested it. It was agreed, and we all moved over there.

The questing was uneventful, and a bit boring really. Some lively chatter kept things interesting though. Should have put on some music. I hit 38 on my BE Hunter tonight, and should get to 39 next week. I am looking forward to my mount, even if its a stupid chicken.

After we were done, I popped onto Dorabel to do some dailies. I knocked out about 130g worth, and got the mats together for my Nethercleft Leg Armor for my Season 3 pants. Its nice to have that stamina. Rhianne was kind enough to make the kit for me. Thanks!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Screencap: Anzu

Tonight, Isbaern (70 Night Elf Warrior [Protection]), Cattianna (70 Human Priest [Shadow]), Aeth (70 Human Paladin [Retribution]), and Saffrin (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]) and myself as Asher (70 Dwarf Paladin, normally [Protection], but respeced to [Shockadin] for dps) took on Heroic Sethekk Halls. It was the first time I had been there, and it was hard, but not impossible. Saffrin even had the stuff to summon the Raven boss. In this shot, you can see us waiting for the summoning.

Here he is as he attacks. It was a fun fight.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Overheard: Hurricaine

My buddy, and former Keeper and High Council member Hurricaine messaged me about tonights Arena matches.

Hurricaine: Will be back on in a little while for arena little buddy.
Dorabel: Who you calling little, elf?
Hurricaine: Haven't you looked in the mirror lately? You're a dwarf!

Raid Night: Gruul's Lair

Tonight Wipes on Trash teemed up with Cenaurian Protectors to take on Gruul. We were able to get High King down on our third try, which was really awesome. Saffrin got her T4 Shoulders, and I got Bladespire Warbands for my dps set. The only thing I am really missing for my Retribution set, is a decent 2h weapon.

I switched from Asher to Dorabel to give the team more dps, and we started working on Gruul. About 10 people had not been to Gruul before, and the dps was lacking. We had him down to 35% on our best try. I think we can get him down next week.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Adormra hits 58!

Outlands here I come! I hit 58 today, and I am happy to be moving on to the Outlands with this toon. I spent the gold to level his Leatherworking to 300, so I am ready to start the cool stuff out there.

I am really stoked. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Raid Night: Zul'Aman

We hit up Zul'Aman with the help of Avalanche (70 Night Elf Druid [Feral]) and Kelwinn (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]) from Amicitia. We got to the Bear Boss without a major problem, but wiped on the first try. We were close to the timer too, but we were able to get him on the second try. I got Jungle Stompers, which is great as its the first piece on spec that I have gotten out of ZA. I bought a +15 Stamina gem for them.

We made the Eagle Boss gauntlet with no problems. Kelwinn remarked that we had a good system for the gauntlet. We knocked down the Eagle with no problems, and Saffrin (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]) picked up Brooch of Nature's Mercy.

Avalanche showed us a short cut up to the Lynx, which saved us about 45 minutes of trash pulls. We were able to give the Lynx 3 shots, and the second one had him down to 12% before he enranged, killing me with a 115,000 (yes, thats right) crit. I don't think he will be killing us too much often.

It was a good night, but still haven't progressed. Soon.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I have had a terribly busy week in real life, which has kept me away from my blog. A thousand apologies. Here is some quick notes about the last few days.

Horde Monday! We had 9 people on, and played two games of Warsong Gulch. Most of our group was 39, I was only 36. I led in both games (Horde and Alliance) for Killing Blows, Honor Kills, and Damage. It truly, truly amazes me that I am able to outclass all the other DPS when I am 3 levels lower. Rhianne seems to think its because I have played a hunter before, so I know how to be successful. Maybe everyone else just sucks. :D (joke there, calm down Dragon)

Raid Night: Karazhan! On Tuesday we didn't have enough geared players to do ZA, so we went into Kara and got through the Curator. Everything seemed slow to me. We have gotten through Shade (with Illhoof and Nightbane down) on one night. I think we are going to start splitting the week up between ZA, and Kara badge runs. This should help us get the SSO loot gear quicker.

I didn't play at all on Wednesday, other than to log into my auction house alts and scan the AH.

Tonight is ZA. Hopefully we will get off the ground tonight. If not, might do a Heroic or two.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

WIDT: Four Levels

After last nights alcohol induced MC run, I was feeling pretty crappy all day. So I just banged out some time on my NE Rogue. I went from 4 bars into 50, to 3 bars into 54 in about 9 hours. I also got his Leatherworking up to 280, so I should hit 300 by 58.

I need to get into ST, and BRD soon. Hopefully I can beg a run from someone.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Link: Paladin Solos Onyxia

Last week, a video surfaced showing a Druid, Serennia, soloing Onyxia. There was some controversy as to whether this was actually a 'solo' kill since a hunter was inside the instance at the same time.

Last night during our MC run, Aeth told me about a Paladin, Par, doing the same thing, only this time truly solo. The video is really long, nearly 2 hours, but its a legit kill. He said the first time he did it, which wasn't recorded, took him over 3 hours. Crazy.

I love to see things like this. I have perfected the 45-Minute Baron Run, tried ZG solo, and so on. I am actually looking forward to WotLK, so I can try things like MC solo.

Screencap: Back to Molten Core!

Tonight, the Keepers along with 3 other guilds banded together and took down MC with a rotating cast of 18-20 toons. There was an early wipe (total mistake on my part), otherwise it was smooth sailing all the way through. I ended up getting 3 pieces of the Lawbringer set, including my shoulders. I also got the Drillborer Disk, which still has the coolest shield animation of any in the game.

Hawtas' rogue, Ginsu [60 Rogue] also got pimped out with two epic daggers and two pieces of Tier 1. There was a lot of lock and hunter stuff tonight too.

Once we got to Rags, it was pretty much open and shut. Our DPS took him down so fast, he didn't even have time to bring in his adds. It was great fun, and we had a blast with our allies.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Raid Night: Zul'Aman

Last night, we went into Zul'Aman again. We were just running in to fight Nalorakk, when the timer ran out. We should have the Bear boss down on Thursday by the timer. That will be a great success for us in my opinion. Aeth got the Mask of Introspection for his healing set, and might I say, this is a wild looking helm.

We had some trouble with the Eagle boss again this week. It seems like this guy is feast or famine for us, but when we did get him down after the second gauntlet run everyone seemed to get it. While I say he is on farm, its annoying to wipe on him. I picked up Bloodstained Elven Battlevest for my dps set.

We made our way to the Lynx boss with only a couple of wipes, and tried him three times. Twice he was pulled accidentally by healers, and the middle time we had some other healing problems which caused me to go down quickly. The boss has a big Saber Lash which does 12K-18K damage, but splits it between the two tanks. It seemed like I kept eating the full lash. Our off-tank was in position correctly, and he took a full lash as well during the second attempt. I am not sure we can do anything else about it, other than to get Isbaern's health up above 18K.

We got the first two bosses down now, we just need to start working on getting the trash pulls on the way to them down. Once we do that, we will have a better chance of having more shots on Lynx. Since we started ZA, we have faced the Lynx 7 times with no luck.

Monday, May 26, 2008

WotLK Alpha Leaks Part 1

This weekend, a version of the Alpha client for Wrath of the Lich King was accidently released, and boy is Blizzard pissed. Doing a Google search for the information, after hearing about it on The Instance, left me with a bunch of dead links and "Blizzard said, 'Stop That!'" posts I was frustrated. Then I came across WotLK Information Wiki.

NOTE: I don't expect to get a C&D from Blizzard, but the links in this post may not work much farther past the time this post was made. Be warned.

NOTE 2: SPOILER WARNING! This post will be full of WotLK spoilers. If you don't want to know whats coming up in the new expansion, outside of what Blizzard spoon feeds you, then I ask that you move on to the next thread. SPOILER WARNING!

First up, is a great video of some awesome shots of the towns and scenery from WotLK. I like the light effects from the lighthouses. Here is another great video from Caverns of Time: Stratholm. This place looks really cool, and I am all for adding new content to old dungeon hubs like CoT. I plan on doing a whole Deathknight column soon, so I will save my comments about the talents and spells, but I did want to dive into the juicy bits.

Warrior Spells and Talents: I have only leveled a warrior to 36, so I am not the best judge of what is good or bad here. I do like Trauma though, as I do like bleed effects. Titan's Grip is awesome, and I am curious if that means you can carry two 2-h weapons in a dual wield sort of way. Stalwart Protector is nice for tanks, but I don't think endgame tanks have many rage problems. Perhaps someone can fill me in on that.

Mage Spells and Talents: My Mage, Obret (70 Dranaei Mage [Frost]) is going to love Shatter Sheild. Any way to AOE mobs around me is going to be great. Frostfire Bolt is an excellent way to have another tool against mobs that are resistant to your normal spec.

Tommorow in Part 2, I'll look at Druids, Warlocks and the Enchanting skill through 450.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

PVP and Guild Meeting

Xanice (70 Human Priest [Holy]) and Dorabel (70 Dwarf Hunter [Beastmastery]) were the PVP work horses tonight, doing all 10 3v3 games. We went 7-3, with Rhianne (70 Night Elf Druid) losing 2, and Hurricaine (70 Night Elf Hunter) losing 1. We finished with 1418 on the week, which isn't bad for a casual group.

Aeth (70 Human Paladin [Retribution]) was talking about Season 4, and how it is not geared towards the casual player do to Personal Rating requirement on all the good S4 pieces. Its going to push out the casual player completely. I like doing Arena though, and maybe S4 will force me to get more serious about it.

Last week I was able to get Vengeful Gladiator's Chain Leggings this week, which is a nice upgrade from the badge loot pants. I will still keep those for raiding, as it has more AP and Agility. I am now over 200 Resilience now, so I am quite happy.

We also held our guild meeting, but there was a low turnout. We are looking for a new recruitment officer, as we really need to start some solid recruitment efforts. It was a good meeting, though, and we were out of there quick.

Quick Note: Guild Meeting

To those Keepers that read my blog, don't forget our guild meeting tonight at 8pm server time.

Raid Night: Karazhan

Since we moved Karazhan to Saturday, we have yet to get it off the ground, but thanks to some allies we were able to get a group going tonight. I took Obret (70 Dranaei Mage [Frost]). We got through the first 4 bosses without a problem, but Nightbane gave us problems. We needed more dps.

On our way to Curator, once of our players went AFK and never returned. We kicked him from the group, to add Hawtas (70 Dranaei Mage [Fire]). The AFK player never got kicked out of the instance, so we were never able to get Curator. If you are going to be AFK for an extended period of time, please do the right thing and drop. This ruined the evening for some of the players.

I did get a couple of upgrades. I picked up Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran off of Moroes, and Trial-Fire Trousers off of Oz.

After that, I logged onto Adormra (50 Night Elf Rogue [Assassination]). I played through 49 by leveling up my Leatherworking Skill. There is a nice series of crafting quests that gives alot of XP, and some LW recipes. This took quite a while though, as the Turtle Scale's took forever to farm. I have decided to go Elemental Leatherworking.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Raid Night: Zul'Aman

For the first time in three weeks, we were able to get a Thursday Zul'Aman run in. Over all, it was a night very similar to Tuesday. The raid had reset, so we had all the bosses to do over again, which is fine with us. Again this week, we had problems with the stupid gong. Took a couple of minutes to get the timing down. I wonder what the trick is.

We did the four pulls up to the Bear boss, with a minor hiccup during the third pull. Once we got to Narolakk, it was an easy nine minutes. Although, I did have to have a Battle Rez near the end of the fight. Jaralon (70 Draenai Hunter) got Fury.

We moved on to the Eagle boss guantlet, and wiped the first shot. It was the first time we have wiped on it so far. While a downer, we were able to get it the second time. I still contend its a fun fight. We gave a shot on the Eagle, but I was killed after the first collapse. The second try was a success, and we took him down without a hitch. Guill (70 Human Warrior) got Akil'zon's Talonblade.

We had a number of wipes on our way to the Lynx, including another with the last Akil'zon's Handler pulls, as none of them we were able to crowd control. We finally made it to the Lynx boss with about 20 minutes left in our time. This gave us two shots. The first time, we wiped after the first split, with the boss at 58%. The second shot had us wiping at 59%. I took a 16,800 last from him, and survived. Rhianne and I were both amazed.

The Lynx is a tough fight, and we are going to need more time with him to get him down. I expect it will happen next week. We need to wipe less on the trash, even if our unofficial name is "Wipes on Trash" (the future second raiding team will be called "Did You Get The Quest?"). Once that happens, we will be able to get the timer mission down. Especially the first boss. Its only a matter of time.

I expressed that I felt I wasn't doing a good job leading this raid, but Rhianne said that she felt the same way during the early days of Kara. I would have never thought that, as she always seemed so cool about it. I am going to try to choke down that feeling in the future.

Good run tonight. Looking forward to getting down the Lynx next week, and getting Kara this weekend.

WIDT: The Last of Stranglethorn

After seeing Iron Man tonight, (wait till the credits are over to leave, easter egg there) I got online and spent an hour working on Adormra, the NE Rogue. I hit 48 during my last session with him, and was working through the last of the Stranglethorn Vale quests. I decided to leave STV, and not finish the zone. I have leveled so fast through the 40's, I have been able to skip most of the quests there.

I am really looking forward to doing BRD in the next couple of levels. Then perhaps Stratholm and Scholo. Been a long time since I have done those on level. I do Strat Dead on Asher all the time, farming shards for gold, and Barons Mount. Done 20 runs or so with no luck. Its hard to drop all my gear off and get up there for maximum profit, but when I do I try to do two or three runs in a row.

I need to discuss my Baron Mount run strategy at a future date.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raid Night: Zul'Aman

We had a great night in ZA, much like our first run in there two weeks ago. We had a few hiccups on the Bear boss pulls, but were able to teach the 4 new people we had the fights. We only had one mage tonight, Hawtas (70 Dranaei Mage [Fire]), so some of the CC was tough. Once we got to the boss though, it was smooth sailing. Our second tank, and former Keeper Guill (70 Human Warrior [Protection]) and I clicked along perfectly. At one point, I went down, but our healer Saffrin (70 Night Elf Druid [Resto]) gave me a quick battle rez, and I was able to pick up my rotation without a problem. She was quite good tonight. Took 9 and a half minutes, but we got him down. Rhianne got Bladeangel's Money Belt.

We moved over to the Eagle boss gauntlet, and took it down again in one shot. It just doesn't seem to be a problem for us, even though alot of people complain about how hard it is. We just haven't seen it, and its a fun, fast paced fight.

We got to the Eagle, explained the in and out rotation during the storms, and got to it. I pulled the boss before Guill could get his dps gear on, oops. We moved through the fight very easily. Hawtas went down early, but another battle rez got him back into the fray. We seemed to have the collapsing and expanding out perfectly, and with 22 seconds left on the frenzy timer we downed him. I got the Chestguard of Hidden Purpose for my healing set.

We took a break, and came back for our run to the Lynx boss. We had a few more wipes during these pulls, which put us way behind. By the time we got to the Lynx himself, it was 11:30pm server time, and we could only give him one shot. We made it through the first split, but lost a couple of people early to the lighting totems and it was a wipe.

Would like to thank our friends at the Champions of the Realm (rotten name stealer's!) for joining us this week. Looking forward to having you out on Thursday.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Horde Monday: RFD

I got home earlier than I expected today, and was able to get onto Wyndistorm and quickly burn through 34 in about 90 minutes of questing. People started logging on, and I wasn't sure I was going to get a spot, so I just kept questing. By the time I got an invite, I had already worked my way through half of 35.

We decided that we would hit Razorfen Downs. I have only been there once before, back when I played my very first toon, an Undead Warrior. Our tank, Direhoof (36? Tauren Warrior) lost his connection, so Keli (37 Tauren Druid) took over. We did really well, with no wipes. I was 40% higher on the damage meters than anyone else. My pet was doing 34% of my damage roughly, so I was getting 6% higher damage than people two levels higher.

I have been doing this experiment with Adormra (48 Night Elf Rogue) and Wyndistorm where I focus strictly on Agility. It has been paying off in spades in my opinion. As a hunter, I rarely am taking damage so outside of PVP there isn't much need for Stamina. On the rogue, I am killing mobs so fast that the amount of damage they are doing is minimal. I think this may be part of why I am doing so much more damage than the others.

While we were in RFD, I dinged 36. I need to run to Desolace soon, so I can learn Claw (Rank 5).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

State of the Blog: 50

This is my 50th post. I intended for this blog to grow into a real life account of someone who plays WoW. So far, I think I have succeeded in that goal. With a few exceptions, I have posted daily, and about some interesting things that are going on around me in game and out. While nothing I have written has been especially groundbreaking, I think I have made note of things that are cool to me.

There are a few things I like: "Regular Features" like Screencaps and What I Did Today are very fun. I would like to expand my coverage of WoW podcasting. Perhaps review shows as I listen to them. There is one thing I don't like: Very few readers. Outside of the few Keepers and allies, there isn't much of a readership. While I appreciate you guys that are here, I need to get the word out there, and start keeping active on some WoW boards and blogs to get my name in the know.

By post 100, I would like to have another 25 regular readers, and post Screencaps 3 times a week. I also want to review all WoW podcasts I listen too.

Feel free to comment with any ideas or suggestions that you may have.

The Great Reinstall

As I talked about yesterday, I had a virus. I decided that I would get rid of my pirated operating system, and buy a copy of Windows XP Home Edition OEM. No tech support, but nearly $100 cheaper made it a good buy. Once I started the reinstall, it went as smooth as possible. No burps, no hiccups, and all my previous partition problems with Windows 2000 were gone.

I am glad I decided to get a legit copy in the end.

Screencap: 10K Latency

I recently got a hold of a virus, which every night at midnight (and whenever it was removed) it would send adware and keyloggers looking for passwords. Nothing I had was getting rid of it, but I still played on as I don't know my password. It changes every day, via a randomizer. So a keylogger is useless, as I never type it in. But, it did use a lot of my bandwidth. Note the 10K+ latency.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

WIDT: Rogue Leveling

I hit 47 today with Adormra. I have been stacking Agility, and have been very impressed with it. I am building towards Mutilate, so I am looking forward to that. I also leveled up a few points his Leatherworking. Need to farm up some Thick Leather for the last few points till I get Rugged Leather stuff.

Other than that, not alot going on. About to update to Windows XP, from Windows 2000. May be offline for a couple days as I reorganize my computers.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Real Life WoW

My wife and I were at a Sharper Image that was closing in a mall near us. I was wearing my favorite "Make Games, Not War" tshirt when we found this great gaming chair, that has built in speakers including a big ass subwoofer in the back. We carried it to the front counter, where this 20-something guy was helping people out. He looked at me, then at the box and smiled.

"You have a gaming shirt, and buying a gaming chair. What game are you playing?" He laughed.

I responded, "World of Warcraft." He laughed again, harder.

"I play too! I have a 70 Hunter on so-in-so server."

I told him my server, and the 3 70's I have. He smiled, and checked us out. Its funny sometimes when the real world, and WoW collide.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

News: New WotLK Information, 2 Sources confirm!

I learned today, through MMO-Champion, and others, about two news stories out in the WoW world today. Eurogamer has a story about WotLK, as does Gamespy.

Some interesting tidbits:
  • All dungeons will have both 10-man, and 25-man components. In other words, everyone will get to experience the content. Better rewards are given for 25-man raids. Heroic 5-mans will return.
  • Vehicles in WotLK will have realistic physics, and can hold up to 6 players at a time.
  • A new winged dungeon called the Nexus, which will include 70 and 80 5-mans, as well as raid content.
  • Arthas will have multiple forms, starting out in Dragonblight, but moving into a dungeon of his own during the final patch of WotLK, similar to Sunwell Plateau.
  • Dinosaurs. Need I say more?
  • Blast from the past: Kolbolds, an "insane" Scarlet Crusade, Argent Dawn, the Scourge, Venture Company, and more make a return.
  • Inscription will use Herbalism, and create Glyphs that modify your spells. Each player will have 4 major, and 2 minor Glyphs.
  • Death Knights will start at level 55, and are plate wearing tanks or dps. Any player who has a toon 55 or higher can create one Death Knight per server.
There is a lot more info in the two articles. Feel free to comment about what you like, and don't like about the preview. Would love to hear your comments.

Podcast: Instance #105 - How do you spell AIE?

The latest Instance is up at their website. If you haven't checked this out before, its a great hour of WoW discussion.

No ZA, Slave Pens, alt leveling, and blogger update

Blogger has been up and down the last couple days, so I apologize for not updating more regularly.

Wednesday: I didn't play at all. Took the day off, and enjoyed playing a rousing best of five game of Fluxx with the missus.

Thursday: We tried to get ZA going, but we were short a tank. Our second, Isbaern was out of town on business, so he couldn't go with us. Most of our friends were in SSC. After that we tried doing Heroic Magister's Terrace, but we just couldn't get it together, and went to Heroic Slave Pens instead. We wiped once, and finished in less than an hour.

Friday: I played around with my Rogue, Adormra, and hit 44 with him. I am getting alot more comfortable with the class, and am looking forward to doing some on level instances runs in my 60's.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Zul'Aman: The Long Road Back

About 10 days after patch 2.3 hit, and Zul'Aman was opened, the Keepers went in there to see the place and give the first boss a try. We were told that it was hard, and boy was it. We couldn't get pass the 2nd pull up to the Bear boss. We were disheartened. About six weeks later, we went in there again, but couldn't get the last pull before the Bear. Again, we were disheartened.

Enter tonight. We were prepared, had flasks and food for everyone. We had a couple of blips on our way to Bear. The first shot, we didn't have the tanks correctly positioned. In the second try, I taunted the boss off of Isbaern (70 Night Elf Warrior [Protection]), which caused us to wipe. On the third try, Isbaern and I had the switching back and forth perfectly, and were able to down the Bear! Xanice (70 Human Priest [Holy]) got a cool healing robe.

We moved over to the Eagle guantlet, and began. I was in the rear, taking down the elites from the back, so I wasn't able to see much of the fight. We killed the birdman, and explained the Eagle boss to everyone. We started the fight, and things went perfectly. We were able to collapse and reform with perfect timing, the heals were great, and the dps was steady. We finished the fight with five players up, but we downed the boss the first shot! We were so proud! Isbaern picked up a chest piece for his dps set.

We took a couple of swipes at the Lynx boss, without any luck. We need some more time to work on it. Maybe we will get him down on Thursday.

I am so proud of the guild for getting these two bosses down! We have another shot at them on Thursday, and I am really looking forward to this!

WIDT: Horde Monday!, Dueling outside Ironforge

I logged on to Wyndi tonight to see if there was an open spot, but there wasn't. A third group is being formed, but other toons are farther behind me. I may have to wait another month maybe? I don't relish that. I had such a good time running in Scarlet Monastery last time, I just want to get a run in.

After I logged off, I headed over to Adormra, my Rogue, and got through most of 42. I only have a few bars, but a real-life friend wanted to join the guild, so I logged onto Asher.

I invited my friend Nano, to the guild and we chatted for a bit. Then I dueled Rhianne and Hawtas, beating both. When fighting Rhianne, we were banging on each other, and she got me down to about 1500hp. I popped Lay on Hands (instant heal for 14k), stunned her out of her heal, and beat her down the last couple thousand hp. It was a nice duel, and I had to pop a cooldown to win. Good fight, Rhi.

Tomorrow is ZA. I am worried.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Screencap: Asher's Giant Shoulders

This was tonight when we were doing group quests. This is what remains after Dimensius the All-Devouring is killed. I thought it looked like giant shoulders, and made comment to it in /s. It got a few chuckles.

WIDT: Group Quest Saturday

We got to talking about it today, and decided that we would run Heroic Shattered Halls, followed by the daily Heroic Underbog. We had me, (70 Dwarf Paladin [Protection]), Xanice (70 Human Priest), Rhianne (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]), and new High Council member Alphaquasar (70 Human Warlock). We were looking for a mage, and a couple of guildmates with mages came on (Hodo and Hawtas), but were off doing other things. (Happy Birthday Hawtas!)

So we decided to do group quests until we found a fifth. After our first quest, we picked up a pug 70 Dwarf Warrior who ran with us for like 3 hours. Quiet, but did his job well. It was nice to make 200+g today with friends.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ding! 34

Hit 34 today on the huntard. Looking forward to Horde Monday this week!

Late Night

I did all the Shattered Sun dailies on Dorabel today. After I bought the Mageblood potion recipe, for 1200g mind you, I have been seriously broke. On top of that, all the dough I have spent on gems and other item enhancement for Asher. I am getting awfully bored with dailies. I may have to go back to farming ore, herbs, motes, etc.

I also ran Wyndistorm for a bit. I am about 2/3 through 33, and want to get to 34 this weekend in time for Horde Monday!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Last Nights Raid

We went into Karazhan for our last, regularly scheduled Kara run last night. We took out Nightbane, Illhoof, Shade, and Chess. We bounced off Prince 4 times, including a heartbreaking 1% wipe on our 3rd try. I really wish we could have tried him a few more times, but it was already the end of our scheduled raid time.

So next week starts ZA on Tuesday and Thursday. Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Screencap: Wyndistorm and Redthirteen

This is my Blood Elf Hunter, Wyndistorm, and her cat Redthirteen. I play Wyndi on Horde Monday on Blackwater Raiders RP realm. I love Final Fantasy 7, and the character Red XIII was the inspiration for my cats name. My Red is a tad bit dumber than that RedXIII though. Don't tell him that though.

Last Week of Karazhan

We ran Karazhan tonight. This is our last week regularly inside Karazhan, before we move on to Zul'Aman. I am of mixed feelings about this. Karazhan was really huge, and awesome. It was hard at first, but got much easier as time went on. The few times we have done ZA have been dismal failures, but this time we are better geared, and ready to go.

Our DPS felt a bit slow tonight. We only got through Curator, and didn't get Nightbane down this week. A noob mistake cost us the first shot before it even got started, then the second try was stopped in the %60's when I kept getting feared. I have yet to successfully tank him, but I think once I get my stamina up, things will be better. I have 71 badges now, so 29 to my new tanking chest off the Shattered Sun Badge vendor.

I am expecting to have a rough go for the first couple weeks. I think we can get the bear boss down, without much of a problem. I am working on learning the strategies for the fight, I just hope I lead well. Not used to it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Horde Monday!

Logged on tonight, and didn't get a spot in an instance group, so I leveled the Huntard to 32. Gonna hit a couple more levels so I can get a spot next time.

I would write more, but I need sleep. Gnight.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

PVP Night

We went 3-7 on the week. We seemed to run into quite a few skillful players too. Wonder what is bringing them into the 13-1400 bracket.

We also added Rhianne tonight to the team. Glad to have her join.

WIDT: NE Rogue

What I Did Today

I ran with Adormra today, my Night Elf Rogue on Scarlet Crusade. I was about 2/3 through 41, so I ran through some quests in Arathi Highlands, and turned in some quests I had finished yesterday. That got me up to 42, and I went to Ironforge for training and to check the Auction House. I didn't find anything of note, but bought some Heavy Leather to train up my Leatherworking some more. I have been rushing through levels, its hard to stay on level with tradeskills. I have already got 100+ Thick Leather, and I haven't even broke 200 skill points yet. Makes me wonder if Blizzard will ever rework the Tradeskills to adapt to the quicker leveling?

I do enjoy the rogue. Stealth is one of the coolest abilities in the game in my opinion. Being able to sneak up behind your opponent, and pwn them before they can even get a shot off is brilliant in my book. I like also that the Rogue has two sets of bars, one for in stealth and the other for out of stealth. This makes for a lot less clutter on your hot bars, and you can have more non-skill buttons there.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Funny Hunters

I was on the dock in Theramore, and saw a hunter named Jargon. His pet was Rhetoric. Someone asked what his other pet was, he said Propaganda. If he were to have another pet, it would be named Dogma, although he wasn't sure if it was going to be a wolf. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

News: 2.4.2 Patch Notes are up


The 2.4.2 Patch notes have been released. Here are some comments on individual items on the list:

Scare Beast (Hunter): The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast.

This is going to make fighting Druids and Hunters in arena much more fun. I am really looking forward to this buff. They have been buffing Hunter's an awful lot recently.

Seal of the Crusader (Paladin): This ability now increases the damage dealt by Crusader Strike by 40%.
Crusader Strike (Paladin, Retribution) will now properly receive a damage increase from Seal of The Crusader.

Our most consistent #1 dpser is a Retribution Paladin (Hi, Aeth!). This buff, and bug fix should increase his dps even more. I like the fact that RetPallies are being given alot of attention in the last two patches. It shows that Blizzard wants to give Paladins a solid dps ability, which was lacking before.

All 23-hour profession cooldowns are now 20-hour cooldowns.
All 4-day cooldowns are now 3 days, 20 hours.

Yay! When they lowered the 24-hour to 23-hour, we all went "wtf?" This should have been what they did originally. I understand that they don't want people to transmute all the time, but 24 hours is alot of time. 4 days is too much as well, and 3 days, 20 hours is not much better. 2 days is more fair in my opinion, but this is a good step forward.

Removed the cooldown from Void Shatter.

The cooldown on Void Shatter, was stupid from the start. None of the other Enchanting crystal breakers had them. I can see how Blizzard may have wanted to not have a flood early on, but once this is added I am going to break 40+ Void Crystals. How is it not going to flood the market?

There are a number of other changes, but these are the most important to me. Did you find something in the patch notes that you liked or didn't like? Share it in the comments.

Podcast: Instance #103 - Transplant My Dungeon

Scott Johnson and Randy Deluxe were joined this week by Curt Shilling, in an extra long episode. Curt is one of those few great guys who actually loves gaming. I know he is a future Hall of Famer, but hearing him talk about his groups and toons sounds just like me!

There was some interesting news on Naxx being updated for Wrath of the Lich King, and Tier 3 sets being removed (but the art added again as Tier 7 perhaps?). They said it would be a 25-man, but I think that is incorrect, as I seem to recall a blue post saying it would be 10-man. Like Karazhan perhaps, but for sub-80's. Looking forward to seeing Naxx.

You can listen to the show by downloading the MP3 file here.

Heroic Botanica

Had to work late tonight, so wasn't able to be on till late. We ran the heroic daily, Botanica. We had very few problems, mostly bad pulls, and we one-shotted all the bosses. I am really getting into tanking. Its quite fun.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Real Life Meet

I met up with Rhianne tonight, and the other members of the local group that plays on Scarlet Crusade, and Blackwater Raiders. I showed off my Figureprint, and Rhi took some really nice pictures of it. I will post them when she hooks me up. My wife and I didn't stay long, as we had just gotten off work. Its nice to put faces to toons.

When I got home, I worked on some SSO rep with Dorabel. Then logged onto my rogue for a while, and got him to 39. I can't wait for my mount.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This was my 50th run into Karazhan tonight. We tore through the place. Killed through Shade, getting Nightbane and Illhoof along the way. It was a good night for all.

Two more weeks till ZA. I am pumped, but I need to work on gear. New helm and chest piece is top of my list.

It was good to have Drask out with us tonight. I don't get to run enough with him, since he left for Amicitia.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Horde Monday!

Its Horde Monday! Even though I have been leveling, today is the actually day when everyone meets. I am 29 now, with hopes of being 30 inside the hour. Perhaps I might get into a run tonight.

WIDT: More BE Huntard Leveling

I ground out a few more levels and hit 28 tonight on Wyndistorm. I am going to stop at 30, as there seems to be a set group forming up for Monday nights. Will be nice to level up with a group.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Huntard Moving Up

I worked for a couple hours on my Blood Elf Hunter, and got her up to level 26. I am quite proud of myself, as I have really cranked out the levels so I can catch up to the others.

I decided to take one of the red cats that are in the BE starting area as my first pet. Named him Redthirteen, the cat from Final Fantasy 7. I am going Beast Mastery right now, and it is working very well for me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What I Play

I have a number of characters that I play, most being on the Role Play (RP) server, Scarlet Crusade. I have:

70 Dwarf Protection Paladin
70 Dwarf Beastmaster Hunter
70 Draneai Frost Mage
42 Human Warlock
38 Night Elf Rogue
16 Human Warrior

On Blackwater Raiders, another RP server that I play horde I have:

24 Blood Elf Hunter

I have also played some on PVP servers, but I do not enjoy that style of play. I much prefer PVE, and since I am very casual I wanted to have the best mix of players. So RP servers it is. :)

Podcast: The Instance Curt Shilling Interview

In The Instance, episode 102, Randy and Scott interview Boston Red Sox ace, Curt Shilling. Curt is a hardcore WoW player, and owner of 3 level 70's.... like me. :) Hope you will listen as it is quite good.

WIDT: Sunken Temple, Heroic Arcatraz, and BE Huntard

I finished so late last night, that I was nearly falling asleep at my keyboard, so I waited till I could actually write to talk about what I did today (err... yesterday).

Rhianne (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]), and myself on Asher took guildies Dianthys (55 Human Mage) and Cryptsmasher (56 Dranaei Warrior, whos main is Keepers officer Alphaquasar) through Sunken Temple. Both of them got some good loot, and finished off some quests. I am not a big fan of ST, and I am looking forward to the two of them getting into Scholomance and Stratholm, both of which I love.

After finishing there, we headed off to Heroic daily Arcatraz. I was tanking, and Rhianne healed. We also had Trinkit (70 Gnome Mage [Fire]), Alphaquasar (70 Human Warlock) and Dredgore (70 Human Warlock, who's main is Claden). We bounced off Zereketh a couple of times, then decided to skip him as he is the hardest to do on Heroic. We finished the instance after dying alot, but that is a heroic I suppose. I had a 45g repair bill, ugh. It was worth it though, as Rhianne got a cool healing gem. We sharded up everything else.

After that, I logged over to my Blood Elf Hunter, and ground out two more levels, to 23. I expect next week I will be up to the upper 20's and hopefully can join the group.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Link: GM Duels Player on live realm

BRD Run, Part 2

Sadly, we were short for Kara tonight. I am glad we are moving on to ZA next month.

Instead a group of us hit up Magisters Terrace. I went on Dorabel (70 Dwarf Hunter), along with Aeth (70 Human Paladin [Protection]), Rhianne (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]), new guild member Unorna (70 Human Warlock) and Jae (70 Gnome Mage [Fire]). We did fine, until we wiped on Vexallus. Took out the Priestess group, which was sans Shaman, in one shot. We successfully pulled the last big group.

We engaged Kael'thas , and almost immediatly a Phoenix comes up. Jae and I took it down, then popped the egg. We focused on Kael'thas for a bit, then another Phoenix pops and we start to take it down. Just as the bird dies, we are Gravity Lapsed. We continue to shoot the egg, but an orb takes out Jae and me. Rhianne falls to an orb a moment later, but Aeth and Uno are still up and Kael'thas has 26% left. Uno keeps up the dots, and Aeth dodges orbs. As soon as the Gravity Lapse ends, they open up all their dps dropping him to 13%. They shoot up, and Aeth gets hit by a bubble. 900, 700, 200, 110, 90, and dead. Uno continues keeping a close eye on the dots and dodging bubbles. Uno moved away from Kael'thas' bubbles and fired off the last Shadow Bolt to kill him.

I got Healing Potion Injector recipe for Dora, but we sharded all the loot including the epic huntard chest (of which I have Arena S3 chest). Lots of shards, lots of fun.

A few members of the group dropped, and we picked up Dianthys and took her to BRD again. I had to step out during the first few bosses, but I came in and was able to help them cut through the place like butter. Its such a blast to go to those old dungeons that used to be sooo hard. Makes me feel superior to that former me. Funny.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Exalted! Finally!

I hit exalted tonight with Shattered Sun Offensive. I think I am the first in my guild, so I am quite happy about that. Now I can start focusing on some other things. The shield is really great, and is a big upgrade for me. I also bought 2 of the necklaces, the healer one and the spell damage one. I also picked up the recipe to make my new Alchemist Stone. I am contemplating waiting because I don't really need it for tanking, and I am not healing right now, so might as well not spend the 30 badges to get the 2 primal vortexes you need.

More Kara tomorrow. Chess, Prince and Netherspite are left.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We have been having problems with Illhoof over the last few months. While we had gotten him down occasionally, it was not "on farm" by any means. Since I respecced to Protection recently, I have been main tanking Illhoof. The biggest problem with the fight, is the imps he spawns. They shoot fireballs which hit the healers. Since Paladins have an AoE threat builder in Consecration, I can gather those mobs to hit me instead of our healers (of which I used to be one).

So as of now, I proclaim Illhoof to be on farm. That leaves Prince as the one fight we haven't gotten down yet. That is such a luck fight though, I don't think any guild can truly say its on farm.

I tried to tank Nightbane, but he hits hard. I need to work on my defense and stamina for that fight. Soon, perhaps. I need a helm.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WIDT: BE Huntard

Monday is Horde day! I ran Wyndistorm through the rest of the Ghostland quests tonight, dinged 21, and made my way to Tarren Mill. I took a "shortcut" through Lodremere Lake, and made a bad choice without looking at the map, and ended up in Alterac Mountains. Noob. Died six, seven times easy as I crossed the map. My shortcut took an hour longer than just running around.

Live and learn. Thats me.

Monday, April 14, 2008

WIDT: Heroic Slave Pens

What I Did Today

Ground out some more SSO rep today, spent 2+ hours on the dailies. Its not hard by any means, but it is time consuming. I will be happy to get Exalted on Asher and start working on something else.

In guild news, long time Keeper Namoria's last day was today. She is going to school in the fall, and wanted to focus on her school work, and enjoying her senior year of High School. I expect she will be back, but I wish her well in her last months of school. :)

Ran PVP on Dorabel with our 3v3 arena group. Went 4-6 on the day, with a 1400+ rating. It would be nice to be higher, but I am comfortable with our team so far. We are going to replace Namoria with Rhianne next week for PVP. Will be nice to have her take Namoria's role.

Also ran Heroic Slave Pens tonight with the gang. It was slow going, but we finished. My computer crashed right after we downed the boss. Glad we were done.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

WIDT: Heroic Magister's Terrace

Dude, this is hard.

11000/21000 on SSO rep. Couple more days...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

WIDT: Heroic Shattered Halls

What I Did Today

We were scheduled to run Karazhan tonight, after completely owning the place on Tuesday. We had 6, so we decided to go to Heroic Shattered Halls and knock out some quests. A pally tank owns that place, and we cut through the first three bosses with ease. After that there were some tough pulls that took us a couple of tries to get down. Then the final boss took us down time and time again.

We had Izgrim (70 Dranaei Shaman), Rhinanne (70 Night Elf Druid [Resto]), Alphaquasar (70 Human Warlock), and Trinkit (70 Gnome Mage), and Iamasher (70 Dwarf Paladin [Protection]). The neat thing about a pally tank is they can tank a large number of mobs at once, as long as they keep getting heals. This leaves only a minimal amount of crowd control needed, in this case, a sheep.

At the end though, that Blade Storm the last boss does just wiped us out. We could survive one, but the second or third would kill our healer or multiple clothy dps. I am not sure what we would need to fix it for next time, but I think I tanked it as well as I could. I need more Stamina, as I am just under 12,000 unbuffed, but I think this is a product of still being in some blues/some epics. I need a better tanking trinkit.

I played a bit on my Blood Elf Huntard, Windystorm on Black Water Raiders. Its fun playing a class that you have already gone through. You already have a lot of knowledge as to playing the class, so you lose that whole build up of skill. I am trying to rush to 30, as that is where Rhianne's crew is. IT would be nice to run with them in a dungeon.

I also did a bunch of Shattered Sun quests on Asher. Those are already boring, but I am about 5000 into Revered. I really want to get my new Alchemist Stone.

Friday, April 11, 2008

News: Wrath of the Lich King in Alpha

The Instance, along with most other WoW news sources are reporting that the second expansion to World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King has entered "Friends and Family" alpha testing. This type of testing is common at Blizzard. A number of signs are pointing towards this. The address has gone active. On top of that, the Public Test Realms were taken down much earlier than normal. Could they be using this server for something else, perhaps?

I have heard speculation on the street date from August '08, to January '09. If you know nothing else of Blizzard, you should know that they take as long as needed to get the game right. If that means going through multiple release dates, then they will do it. And we will bitch about it.

Nature of the beast.

Off to go tank Karazhan on Asher. Recently changed specs, and enjoying it greatly. Will discuss further later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Figureprint is here!!!

A few months ago, I won the lottery over at Figureprints are a 3D render of your World of Warcraft character. Its a cool process, and a great way to show off your character in the real world. So after spending 3+ hours dressing Asher, spending $114.95 in my cold hard cash, along with 2+ months of waiting I know own my very own little Asher.

Here is Asher from the front. The pose he is in (2H Attacking) twists his body, so you can't see the tabard clearly, but you get a sense of movement. The figure is about 4" tall, and is very light. Asher is holding the Frightskull Shaft, a drop off of Rattlegore. I almost used his full healing set, but since mace is such a big part of his RP story, I had to use it.

Here he is from the back. You can see how well the shoulders (Forest Wind Shoulderpads) match up with the cloak (Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran).

Another back shot here. You can again see the cool way the shoulders stick out, and how the cloak looks to be in motion. You can also see the weird hump on Asher's back, near the neck and shoulders. I am not sure what causes that, but its only visible if you look closely.

I am so proud to own this. I know it seems silly, and expensive, but this is an amazing snapshot of my character.

Screencap: Asher on a Throne

Trinkit (70 Gnome Mage) from the Keepers posted on our guild boards recently about our run through BRD. We dragged Rhianne's (70 Night Elf Druid) real life friend, and all around awesome chick, Dianthys (50ish Human Mage) through there for quests and gear.

I tanked, Rhianne healed, with Trinkit and Dianthys doing the damage. Dian got 4 really awesome upgrades and I still need to get some enchants done on her gear.

It was fun going through there again.

The Corruption of Asher: A Tale in Four Parts

The Corruption of Asher


Asher watched the fire, silent. His mother, Dorabel, sat on the bed with him, her heavily muscled arm around him. She smiled, watching the light dance in her son's eyes. She was about to leave him, and he couldn't understand why. He pulled away from her touch, his emotions pushing her away. Dorabel sighed, and kneeled before him, her gleaming Lightforge armor glinting in the flickering flames. “Asher, look at me.” Defiant, he turns his head looking out his window to the forge below. “Asher, please.” A desperate quality to her voice caused him to face her. “You know what I have to do. I told you why. I have to back up my guild mates in the Argent Dawn, to take down Rattlegore. Too many have died at his hands. He must be stopped.” A blank look covered Asher's face. He had heard all of this before.

“The guild is ready to leave, but I must tell you something.” She stood up, her stout Dwarven frame outlined by the fire. She picked up her son, looking him in the eye. “By the light! Asher! You are almost too big to carry!” She laughed, as her eyes moistened with tears. She looked into his defiant face, memorizing it. “I love you Asher, with all of my being. The worst thing a mother can to her child is to go away.” He squirmed in her arms, but she did not let go. “I will be back by morning.” She lay him down on the bed, and gently tucked him in. His eyes snapped shut as she kissed his forehead. “I love you Asher.” She walked to the stairs, and turned, taking a last look at her son. A single tear fell onto her tabard. Looking at her son, she remembered the reason she joined the Argent Dawn in the first place, so that mothers would not worry about their sons being killed by the evil of the world. She wiped her eyes and walked out into the great Dwarven city, filled with soot and brimstone, which lay out before her. Ironforge. ...

Her guild mates were waiting for her in front of her home. The party leader, a night elf hunter known as Barley, smiled weakly. “This could not be avoided, Dorabel.” She frowned up at him, his impossibly long ears twitching at her withering gaze.

“I know. So let's go, and get this over with. I would like to be back before my son wakes.” She moved toward the Hippogryph master. A young human warlock, known only as SoulStealer, stepped in front of her.

“This night is filled with evil, Dorabel. A dark omen fills these cavernous walls. You are not meant to go on this mission.” A shadow crosses his face. “I don't think you should go with us. You will only be a liability.”

Dorabel frowned up at her dark companion. “Just what do you mean, SoulStealer?”

“Rattlegore is a terrible enemy, Paladin, one who should not be underestimated. I cannot tell you more, as my voidwalker is now silent.” He nods his head toward the blue demon next to him. “Jakalarak has seen a terrible fate for you. For the sake of your child, and the Argent Dawn, you should stay behind.”

Dorabel, shaking with fury, stalked towards SoulStealer. The gnome warrior, Giztra stepped between the two of them, sticking a sword in each of their ribs. Quietly she said, “If anyone spills any blood on this ground, it will be me. Understood?”

Dorabel, looked over the gnomes head, into the dark eyes of the human. “Listen to me, demon trafficker, and listen well. My child is just that. Mine. My concern! Not yours!” She stepped back, looking over her guild mates. “I am Dorabel Faithhammer, a member of Argent Dawn! I will not rest until Rattlegore is dead. Now, who is coming with me?” Without waiting for a response, she turned and walked to the Hippogryph master. A few minutes later, she landed in the Eastern Plaguelands, followed shortly by the rest of her guildmates. ...

That day, though, a hundred savage undead had fallen to Dorabel's flaming sword, Destiny, when they arrived at Rattlegore's chamber. The party took a moment to rest up as they formulated their plans. “Rattlegore is not a subtle enemy,” said Pieren, the parties priest. “Giztra and Dorabel should go in first, to get rid of his Bone Golems, then we can all focus on Rattlegore.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

One by one, the Bone Golems fell. Destiny caused flaming tracers to form in the air around her. Finally, the party turned their attention to Rattlegore. An evil glint formed in the eye sockets of the skeletal undead, as he attacked the party...

When the battle was over, the party from the Argent Dawn lay dead at Rattlegore's feet. The undead monstrosity grabbed the lifeless body of Dorabel, and began to eat the flesh off her bones, tossing them into a huge pile in the middle of his chamber.

As Rattlegore turned to devour another member of his party, SoulStealer rose from the dead, using his Soul Stone. He moved out of the room quietly, and used his hearthstone to teleport back to Ironforge. A few minutes later, he stood on the doorstep of the House of Faithhammer. He knocked quietly. A young dwarven boy opened the door. “Asher, my name is--nevermind. I am a friend of your--”

“She's dead.” Asher said, cutting the stranger off. Soulstealer took a moment to look for the right words, and when they didn't come he decided on the truth. “Yes. Rattlegore killed us all. He ate your mother first. I assume he ate the others as well.”

“And you, warlock! What did you do to save her? You are standing here alive, well, while my mother sits in the belly of the undead!” A primal scream, guttural and animalistic, escapes from Asher. “Get out! Get out, you bastard! And don't come back!” Soulstealer nodded, understanding and walked away. Asher stood silent, inner rage causing his entire body to quake, as he wept bitter tears... and plotted his revenge against the monster that killed his mother.

Part 1 – Rattlegore Down

“RATTLEGORE!!!” Asher cried. His party, all guildmates in the Keepers of the Realm, stood behind him. They knew this mission was not about gold, or equipment, or even experience. This mission was about revenge-- hard, cold-blooded revenge. A cackle filled the hallway outside Rattlegore's chamber.

“Come and get me, Paladin! I will eat your flesh and dine on your bones!”

Unable to control himself, Asher charged Rattlegore, striking him over and over with his mace. His guildmates quickly dispatched the Bone Golems, and began to back up the raging Asher. “You killed my mother, you bastard! Now it's time for you to return to the nether realm you come from!”

He struck him again, but Rattlegore countered, striking Asher across the face, leaving four bleeding lines across his face. Four rivulets of blood ran down the cuts on Asher's face. “What is your name, dwarf?” he asked, as he was hit by a barrage of arrows from Ehteht, the night elf hunter.

“I am Asher. I am the Light!” His mace struck the undead again, throwing bone chips into the air. Rattlegore laughed, his teeth chattering together like a demonic squirrel.

“I remember your mother well. She was very good, very tender. I wonder if her son is the same?” He stood above Asher, and swung down with all his might. He missed. Asher lined up his shot, hitting Rattlegore in the chest. His ribcage exploded in a shower of broken bones. The dark light behind his eyes dimmed as Asher stood above him. “This is not over, Asher Faithhammer, not by a long chalk,” Rattlegore hissed as the dark light in his eyes dimmed at last.

Asher fell to the floor, tears of joy and pain streaming down his face. Ehteht walked over to him, and placed a strong hand on his shoulder. “Its over, Ash. Let's go home, and have some of that awful ale you dwarves like to drink so much. We will celebrate our victory, and raise a glass to your mother.” Asher shook his head, tears falling to the left and right. “Perhaps shortly, but there is something I must do first.” Asher stood, and opened one of his sacks. “I must have a reminder.” Rattlegore's broken skeleton lay in front of him. Asher ripped free the skull and spine of the murderer, and put it in his sack.

Delmagan, a dwarven warrior, and a long-time friend of Asher, looked at him as if he were mad. “What are you doing, friend?”

“Taking home a trophy.”

That night, they did drink. To excess. Asher and Ehteht walked to the House of Faithhamer, stumbling and singing dwarven and elven dirges of lost loved ones. He took Asher up the stairs to his childhood room, and let him pass out on the bed. As he left, Ehteht noticed the grisly skull and spine of Rattlegore in the front room next to the fire. He paused, thinking of hurling the lot of it into the lava of the Great Forge. He was no rogue though, and if his friend wanted a trophy, then so be it. Besides, Ehteht thought, what harm could come?



Asher grumbled in his sleep.


He jerked up in bed, looking around the room for whoever was speaking. Seeing nothing, and feeling none too chipper, he lay back down. “That'll teach me to drink that Darkmoon Faire Special Reserve.” He clutched his head in agony from his hangover, and lay back down.


He sat bolt upright in bed. “Mother?” The disembodied voice of his mother spoke into his head.

Yes, Asher, it's me.

“Where are you?” he asked, searching the room, his naked feet slapping on the floor.

I am inside you, child. The voice hesitated a moment. Come downstairs, and I will tell you everything.

A few moments later, Asher sits in a chair staring at the trophy he brought back from Scholomance.

How much do you know about Rattlegore, Asher?

“Not much, really.”

Rattlegore gets his power from the flesh he eats, and the bones he rests upon. He fed on me, which as caused my soul to become trapped in the nether realms.

Asher nodded. He sat silently for a moment, taking the information in. After a moment, he asked, “Can you come back?”

Not without help.

“Tell me what I must do, then,” he said, without reservation.

The power to bring me back is in the bones. Use your hammer smithing talents to fashion a weapon from your trophy and use it to fight the undead, horde, and your other enemies. The mace you create will drain bits of life energy from them and in time I will be able to return to you, my loving son.

Asher stood up, grabbed the trophy and his blacksmithing tools. Naked feet and all, he went to the Great Forge and began hammering, forming the skull and spine into a weapon. The other smiths, engineers and hard-boiled miners watched, as the sparks flew at Asher as he worked.

Hours later, Asher stood in his living room, holding his new weapon. It was well balanced and sturdy. Now he needed something to use it on.

Part 2 – The Stockades

Never before had there been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than in the Stormwind Stockades. Three days earlier, a riot had broken out in Azeroth's only maximum security prison, led by the charismatic Bazil Thredd. Within hours of the riot, Thredd had killed the guards, who hadn't had the good fortune of escaping with Warden Thelwater. They had broken through the main door of the prison into Stormwind, but the Warden and the remaining guards were able to halt the felons, confining them to the prison. Asher heard of the riot from a gnome mage while on the tram from Ironforge to Stormwind. Once he stepped into the Dwarven District of Stormwind, he knew what he had to do, not just for the citizens of Stormwind, but for the soul of his mother.

The Stockades were a huge, gleaming white building buried under the Canal District of Stormwind. Asher walked into the front door to see a number of archers take down another inmate attempting to escape. A broad-chested human barked orders and congratulated his men. “Good job, boys! That was Mad Mooney Smith! Seems only the crazy ones are trying to escape now!” He turned, hearing Asher's armor clink behind him. “Ho, Paladin. Come to help?”

Asher nodded. “Aye, I have. I am Asher. I have come to rid you of your problem.” He extends his hand, and the Warden shakes it heartily.

“I am Warden Thelwater.” The Warden smiled. He looked over Asher, and saw the mace on his back. “I know of you, Asher. You're the one who killed Rattlegore.”

Asher nodded, and wielded his mace. “Aye, but I cannot take all the credit, as my guildmates backed me up that day.”

“It's a good dwarf who thanks his friends for his accomplishments.” He looks somber a moment. “Even with your victories, are you sure you can do this alone? I have seen entire groups of adventurers enter this prison over the last few days and never come out. There are some very dangerous men down there.”

“None are as dangerous as me, Warden. Tell me what to expect.”

“The real threat is Bazil Thredd. These types of riots are usually controlled by one man, and Thredd is it. If you cut the head off the snake, the snake will die.” The Warden, picking his teeth with a bit of wood.

Asher entered the Stockades, but before his eyes could adjust to the darkness, four inmates rushed him. Three days of fighting, blood, and waste had caused the stench to be overpowering. Everything breakable in the place littered the floor in shards and pieces: doors, furniture, crockery, people. The four inmates in front of him were broken, desperate men. Their weapons were crude: boards with nails, shanks, and the like. One had a two-handed mace, and knew how to wield it. Asher targeted him first, blocking the inmate's first strike, and countering with a strike of his own. The skull struck the inmate in the chest. A green cloud formed around the inmate, and his pale skin took on the same greenish quality. He could no longer hold his mace up properly. Asher swung again, striking the inmate across the face. The skull mace flared to life. Asher could feel the inmate's life force entering the mace, as a dark green haze obscured the mace as he searched for another target.

Perfect, my love, but one is not enough.

With his mother's soothing voice in his head, he took out the other three with strikes from the mace. Each one caused it to flare up with its green haze. Asher stalked down the filthy hallway, barely keeping his lunch down from the foul air, killing one inmate after another. “Bazil Thredd!” he called. “I am Asher, and I am here to bring justice to these dank halls! Come out, and face me like a man!”

Some inmates attacked, which he quickly dispatched. Others cowered. He left those for the warden, as only the strongest life force was good enough for his mother. From down the cell block, Asher heard Bazil screaming, “Protect me, you assholes! Line up, the four of you!”Asher sprinted down the hall toward the voice, killing an inmate who tried to stand in his way with one blow. He darted into the room, seeing Bazil and his four inmate protectors.

“A paladin?! You're kidding, right?” Bazil started laughing, gripping his sides in mirth. Asher growled, and consecrated the area around him. His five enemies screamed in pain, as the holy light seared the sins of their souls. He grabbed the closest inmate, and twisted his neck around. The inmate fell to the floor, burning up from the inside with light. Another inmate jumped in, and hit Asher with a board with a huge spike sticking out of it. The spike punctured his Lightforge Spaulders, and tore into his arm. Blood trickled down Asher's side, as he felt his body grow heavy with disease.

He growled, “Death to all of you.” The mace swung around, catching the three inmates in fatal strikes.

Bazil Thredd fell to his knees, putting his hands on his head. “I surrender! I surrender! Mercy!” Asher looked down at him.

“Justice knows no mercy! By the Light, Bazil Thredd, I sentence you to death!” He raises his mace into the air...

“Noooooo!” ... and strikes Bazil down. The mace flares to life, as the corpse of Thredd begins to shrivel and wither, a green cloud forms around his inert corpse.



That night, Asher went into the Elwynn Forest and picked up a bottle of wine from his favorite winery. He sat alone in his room. The skull mace sat next to the fire. His mother spoke to him.

It is not enough, Asher. We must try something different.

“What do you suggest, mother?”

She paused for a long while. In the Badlands, there is a mine known as Uldaman. There you will find an enchanting trainer. She will teach you to become an enchanter.

Asher looked stunned, but he nodded. He enjoyed being a blacksmith, but helping his mother was the first priority.

From there you will travel to the Barrens, where you will seek a forsaken warlock...

Asher gasped, and jumped up angrily. “Never will I deal with a demon trafficker! Let alone the undead! SoulStealer let you die. I can never forgive him, or the selfish lot of them. Bastards one and all.”

Asher, I would never put you in a position like this if it weren't important. Tam Freely owns an enchanting formula known as lifestealing... and it doesn't matter how you feel about him.

She laughs darkly into his ear. Asher cackles madly along.

Part 3 – The High Keeper

The trip through Uldaman was easier than Asher expected. The Troggs, which had recently caused the shutdown of the mine, fell to his skull mace. Each life taken added to the power of his mother. Enchanting was easier than he expected as well. Blacksmithing was tedious and boring, but the power of enchanting was something that he could not ignore. Afterwards, he spent a few days in Ironforge, honing his skill and learning the ins and outs of his new-found enchantments. He was sitting alone in his study, reading The Rise and Fall of Lordaeron, when he heard a knock at his door. He stood and answered the door.

The High Keeper stood on the other side. The High Keeper was the spiritual focus of the guild so having the venerable night elf on his doorstep was an honor at least, a bad omen at worst. “May I come in, Asher?” he asked, with a smile. Asher nodded, closing the door behind him.

The High Keeper stood next to the fire. “To what do I owe this honor, Keeper?”

The High Keeper thought for a moment, pausing to choose the right words as was his habit. “Your class leader, Jessyca, said that you were out of sorts since your defeat of Rattlegore. I thought I would come by, to see if there was anything I could do for you.” Or spy. “Maybe you would...”

Don't listen to him Asher! He means to spy on you! You must get him out of here.... Asher stood, staring into the fire, not knowing what to do.


Asher visibly flinched, so much that The High Keeper saw it. “Asher, come with me to Fray Island. I want to have a Priest look at you. Make sure you are fit and healthy.”

“I... I... don't think...”

Wait! Asher. Go with him, but wait till nightfall to leave.

“I don't think I can go right now, Keeper, but I can in a few hours. Let me finish up a few things, and I will meet you at the Deepwater Tavern in Menthil Harbor. We can ride the boat to Theramore and Ride to Fray Island together.” Asher plastered a smile on his face so real, even he believed it.


That night on Fray Island, Asher snuck away into the water and crossed the bay. From there he mounted up, and rode into the Barrens. From the island, The High Keeper puts away his ornate spyglass and walks back into the building shaking his head.


“Welcome to the Barrens, Paladin. Not too often do we get such upstanding members of the Alliance here.” The undead, Tam Freely, laughed, and looked Asher over with those sunken, dead eyes. Asher glared at the stinking pile of flesh.

“You have something I want, horde filth. The enchanting formula lifestealing.”

Freely laughed manically. “That's rich! The Paladin wants to know a 'forbidden' secret! That's a laugh, dwarf. Even then, you can't afford it.”

“Name your price, warlock.”

“I want your mace.”

It was Asher's turn to laugh. “What for, warlock?! You can't even lift the thing, let alone wield it.”

Enraged, the warlock began to cast a spell, but before he could finish casting, Asher donned his mace, and brought up Seal of Command. The power of the holy light surrounded Asher in a golden nimbus.

“I know what you are thinking. 'Can I finish this spell before he kills me with his huge mace?' So I have just one question for you. Do you feel lucky, warlock? Do you?”

Tam Freely dropped his hands, his spell fizzling, and admitted defeat. Asher lowered his mace, and as he does, the warlock curses him with weakness and runs away. Asher tries to cast Holy Shock, but his mother's voice stops him.

No, son! Kill him with the mace! His power will add to what I have already.

The curse began to severely weaken him, and he knew the fight must end quickly or this upstart warlock would kill him. He chased after the cowardly Freely, hitting him with the mace. One after another, he endured the warlock's attacks, as the coward hit him from afar. That is, until he got too close. Asher stunned him with his Hammer of Justice, and struck Tam Freely down. The warlock's soul visibly entered the mace.

Yesssss.... Asssshhhher, that is the kind of power I need. Search his body, son. Find the formula.

“Yes, mother.” He set about his grisly task. He found the formula, and read it over. Asher learned it quickly, and brought out the reagents to enchant the mace.

Good, son, enchant it quickly so we can get back to Fray Island. I have another task for you there.

“Yes, mother,” he said dryly. Asher pulled out his Arcanite Rod, and placed the reagents onto the mace. He waved the rod over the mace, and said the command words. A surge of energy loosed into the mace, and knocked him backwards. Asher sat up, looking at his treasure with an unnatural love. The mace was glowing now, around the skull a purple light shone. The eyes of the skull began to glow with the same intensity.

”It's beautiful,” he muttered.

Part 4 – Endgame

Asher crept into the guild house. His mother's words ringing in his ears. The High Keeper slept on the floor, resting his head on a small pillow.

Strike him down, my son. Destroy the High Keeper, and steal his life. His life force, bolstered by the enchantment, will allow me to return to life! We can be together again, my son!

“This is the not the way of the light, mother,” Asher muttered.

Do it! Asher! Do it now! Her words held power. A power he was unable to resist.

The skull mace rose above the High Keeper, its purple glow giving the sleeping elf a ghostly look. Asher's eyes are filled with a dark glow, just then, the High Keeper woke. “Asher, no!” He brought the mace down, crushing the skull of his guild leader. His life force filled Asher and his mother with power.

That's it, Asher! That's it exactly!

Her laughs filled him with joy and terror. He left behind the corpse of the High Keeper, bleeding and broken. Dark clouds obscured the moon as he walked out onto the island. Asher took the mace, and planted it into the ground. The eyes of the mace pointed to the northeast, the direction of Scholomance. His face weary, his body tired, he watched the purple glow of the skull mace envelope the entire mace, and he sunk into the ground. The ground around it began to glow and pulsate. The ground rippled and bucked, throwing Asher off his feet.

The bones of those who had died on Fray Island began popping out of the ground, and collecting around the mace, as if it were a Pied Piper of bones. All at once, a great explosion of light blinded Asher. He blinked, clearing his eyes, and looked for his mother.

All he saw before him was Rattlegore! In his mother's voice, Rattlegore spoke, “Poor little Asher. My loving child.” The bony jaw of Rattlegore bounced up and down with amusement as he mocked Asher. “My loving son!”

Asher, unable to control his emotions, cried, “You lying, dirty bastard! Now you die for real!” “Not this time,” said Rattlegore.

“I am Asher. I am the Light!” Asher brought out his secondary weapon, a one-handed mace he picked up from a troll priest, and his Draconian Deflector. He rushes Rattlegore, the battle begun!

Minutes later, with Asher bleeding and broken, he struck Rattlegore across the skull.

Finally, the undead beast dropped into a pile of broken bones. The souls of those Asher had killed were set free. Asher watched as the soul of the High Keeper moved toward the guild house. He followed and watched as the soul hovered over its body.

“Your soul is free of Rattlegore, wise leader, reenter the light so that you may live!” Asher finished his Resurrection spell, and watched as the High Keeper's eyelids fluttered open. He saw Asher and smiled up at him. “Keeper, I am so...”

“No need to apologize, young Asher. It was foretold to me that you were being manipulated. What I didn't know was how bad.” He sighed. “I failed you as much as you failed me.” Asher looked at this leader, and smiled.

“Look at it this way. Tomorrow will be much better than today.”