Thursday, June 19, 2008

News: 2.4.3 PTR is up

MMO-Champion has the PTR patch notes, and undocumented changes. There are a few exciting changes upcoming. Here are a few that I picked out.

-Regular mount minimum level is reduced from 40 to 30: This is a good change I think. The grind through the 30's, especially in STV, will be much easier. I am sure this will get a lot of complaints.

-Epic gems from arena point vendor: All the honor gems are now available for 800 Arena Points.

-Tailoring gets a 28 slot herb bag: About time. The 24 bag is fine, but bigger is always better.

-Haris Pilton vendor: This vendor in Worlds End Tavern in Shattrath, offers a number of different items, including a 1200g 22-slot bag. The other stuff is money sinks, ala Griftah.

-A bunch of new mounts: A new bear mount, the headless horsemen mount and a Brewfest Kodo! A Kodo! I hope Alliance gets it too!

-Magister's Terrance changes: The stun effect from the Mage guards has been removed (thank god).

There are a number of other changes as well. Let me know if you get on the PTR!