Saturday, June 21, 2008

Midsummer Festival!

((Note: This is a work in progress, and will be updated frequently on the blog until it is completed.))


Inside Slavepens

New Dailies

Flame Catching -
Flame Tossing -

Honor the Flame

Eastern Kingdom
Morgan's Vigil - Southwest of Flightpath
Redridge - West of Flightpath
Goldshire - East of city
Westfall - Next to Flightpath
Duskwood - South of city
Netherguard Keep - Outside city gates to the north
Karanos - South of Ironforge
Loch Modan - Thelsamar (west of the city)
Menthil Harbor - Over the bridge
Southshore - North of Flightpath
Arathi Basin - East of Refugee Point
Arathi Highlands - East of Flightpath
Western Plaguelands - Chillwind Camp

Eastern Plaguelands, Thorium Point, Rebel Camp, and Booty Bay do not have Honor the Flame quest givers.


Auberdine - Next to Flightpath
Winterspring - North of Flightpath (Horde fire west of Flightpath)
Astranaar - East of City
Nijel Point - South of City
Gadgetzhan - West of Flightpath (Horde fire, east of Flightpath)
Silithus - East of City

((More updates later))

Sanctum of the Stars, Un'goro,

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