Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Play

On Friday, I worked some dailies with Dorabel to gain some cash, and hit up a pug group for Heroic Sethekk Halls on Asher. That was a terrible group. The shadow priest couldn't keep anything shackled for more than 10 seconds, the paladin healer let me die while lagging 4 times, and the hunter was in almost all greens. This is why I don't do pugs.

Saturday was another day of dailies on Dorabel. I was going to go to Gruul with Cenarian Protectors, but some real life friends came over and we had a great night of cold beers and lively conversation.

Today, I hit Exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive with Dorabel. Now I have to get from 3K into Honored, to Exalted with the Scryers so I can use the new neck piece. Looking forward to that long grind.

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