Thursday, June 5, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I have had a terribly busy week in real life, which has kept me away from my blog. A thousand apologies. Here is some quick notes about the last few days.

Horde Monday! We had 9 people on, and played two games of Warsong Gulch. Most of our group was 39, I was only 36. I led in both games (Horde and Alliance) for Killing Blows, Honor Kills, and Damage. It truly, truly amazes me that I am able to outclass all the other DPS when I am 3 levels lower. Rhianne seems to think its because I have played a hunter before, so I know how to be successful. Maybe everyone else just sucks. :D (joke there, calm down Dragon)

Raid Night: Karazhan! On Tuesday we didn't have enough geared players to do ZA, so we went into Kara and got through the Curator. Everything seemed slow to me. We have gotten through Shade (with Illhoof and Nightbane down) on one night. I think we are going to start splitting the week up between ZA, and Kara badge runs. This should help us get the SSO loot gear quicker.

I didn't play at all on Wednesday, other than to log into my auction house alts and scan the AH.

Tonight is ZA. Hopefully we will get off the ground tonight. If not, might do a Heroic or two.


Anonymous said...



hey.... since I have never played a huntard, nor been in WSG... or understand how to pvp...I did pretty damn good to come in second



Asher said...

Maybe its because Hunter's are broken? :)

You did well. I don't really like the 39 battlegrounds. No mounts.