Saturday, June 28, 2008

World Wide Invitational: WoW News

This weekend, in Paris, France the Blizzard World Wide Invitational is being held. Outside of the great Diablo 3 news, there is also some WoW news to touch on as well.

Hunter pets are getting their own talent trees, including a tanking tree, a dps tree, and a utility tree. This is a great change in my opinion, as it makes the hunter pet (the main reason to be a huntard in my opinion) that much more of a powerhouse. Could this mean that hunter pets could be the next tank? With enough threat generation, and Stamina they could.

Shamans are getting a polymorph style CC, and some totems like Strength of Earth, and Grace of Air are being combined. Also, totems will stretch to the entire raid, not just the party they are in.

MMO-Champion has a long list of additional changes as well.

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