Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Figureprint is here!!!

A few months ago, I won the lottery over at Figureprints are a 3D render of your World of Warcraft character. Its a cool process, and a great way to show off your character in the real world. So after spending 3+ hours dressing Asher, spending $114.95 in my cold hard cash, along with 2+ months of waiting I know own my very own little Asher.

Here is Asher from the front. The pose he is in (2H Attacking) twists his body, so you can't see the tabard clearly, but you get a sense of movement. The figure is about 4" tall, and is very light. Asher is holding the Frightskull Shaft, a drop off of Rattlegore. I almost used his full healing set, but since mace is such a big part of his RP story, I had to use it.

Here he is from the back. You can see how well the shoulders (Forest Wind Shoulderpads) match up with the cloak (Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran).

Another back shot here. You can again see the cool way the shoulders stick out, and how the cloak looks to be in motion. You can also see the weird hump on Asher's back, near the neck and shoulders. I am not sure what causes that, but its only visible if you look closely.

I am so proud to own this. I know it seems silly, and expensive, but this is an amazing snapshot of my character.


Anonymous said...

Looks of very poor quality, sorry to see that.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the washed out, faded coloring on the model at all, which happens to be one of the main turn offs of players getting one. Are you actually okay with how this looks?