Saturday, April 12, 2008

WIDT: Heroic Shattered Halls

What I Did Today

We were scheduled to run Karazhan tonight, after completely owning the place on Tuesday. We had 6, so we decided to go to Heroic Shattered Halls and knock out some quests. A pally tank owns that place, and we cut through the first three bosses with ease. After that there were some tough pulls that took us a couple of tries to get down. Then the final boss took us down time and time again.

We had Izgrim (70 Dranaei Shaman), Rhinanne (70 Night Elf Druid [Resto]), Alphaquasar (70 Human Warlock), and Trinkit (70 Gnome Mage), and Iamasher (70 Dwarf Paladin [Protection]). The neat thing about a pally tank is they can tank a large number of mobs at once, as long as they keep getting heals. This leaves only a minimal amount of crowd control needed, in this case, a sheep.

At the end though, that Blade Storm the last boss does just wiped us out. We could survive one, but the second or third would kill our healer or multiple clothy dps. I am not sure what we would need to fix it for next time, but I think I tanked it as well as I could. I need more Stamina, as I am just under 12,000 unbuffed, but I think this is a product of still being in some blues/some epics. I need a better tanking trinkit.

I played a bit on my Blood Elf Huntard, Windystorm on Black Water Raiders. Its fun playing a class that you have already gone through. You already have a lot of knowledge as to playing the class, so you lose that whole build up of skill. I am trying to rush to 30, as that is where Rhianne's crew is. IT would be nice to run with them in a dungeon.

I also did a bunch of Shattered Sun quests on Asher. Those are already boring, but I am about 5000 into Revered. I really want to get my new Alchemist Stone.

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