Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Week of Karazhan

We ran Karazhan tonight. This is our last week regularly inside Karazhan, before we move on to Zul'Aman. I am of mixed feelings about this. Karazhan was really huge, and awesome. It was hard at first, but got much easier as time went on. The few times we have done ZA have been dismal failures, but this time we are better geared, and ready to go.

Our DPS felt a bit slow tonight. We only got through Curator, and didn't get Nightbane down this week. A noob mistake cost us the first shot before it even got started, then the second try was stopped in the %60's when I kept getting feared. I have yet to successfully tank him, but I think once I get my stamina up, things will be better. I have 71 badges now, so 29 to my new tanking chest off the Shattered Sun Badge vendor.

I am expecting to have a rough go for the first couple weeks. I think we can get the bear boss down, without much of a problem. I am working on learning the strategies for the fight, I just hope I lead well. Not used to it.

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