Friday, April 18, 2008

BRD Run, Part 2

Sadly, we were short for Kara tonight. I am glad we are moving on to ZA next month.

Instead a group of us hit up Magisters Terrace. I went on Dorabel (70 Dwarf Hunter), along with Aeth (70 Human Paladin [Protection]), Rhianne (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]), new guild member Unorna (70 Human Warlock) and Jae (70 Gnome Mage [Fire]). We did fine, until we wiped on Vexallus. Took out the Priestess group, which was sans Shaman, in one shot. We successfully pulled the last big group.

We engaged Kael'thas , and almost immediatly a Phoenix comes up. Jae and I took it down, then popped the egg. We focused on Kael'thas for a bit, then another Phoenix pops and we start to take it down. Just as the bird dies, we are Gravity Lapsed. We continue to shoot the egg, but an orb takes out Jae and me. Rhianne falls to an orb a moment later, but Aeth and Uno are still up and Kael'thas has 26% left. Uno keeps up the dots, and Aeth dodges orbs. As soon as the Gravity Lapse ends, they open up all their dps dropping him to 13%. They shoot up, and Aeth gets hit by a bubble. 900, 700, 200, 110, 90, and dead. Uno continues keeping a close eye on the dots and dodging bubbles. Uno moved away from Kael'thas' bubbles and fired off the last Shadow Bolt to kill him.

I got Healing Potion Injector recipe for Dora, but we sharded all the loot including the epic huntard chest (of which I have Arena S3 chest). Lots of shards, lots of fun.

A few members of the group dropped, and we picked up Dianthys and took her to BRD again. I had to step out during the first few bosses, but I came in and was able to help them cut through the place like butter. Its such a blast to go to those old dungeons that used to be sooo hard. Makes me feel superior to that former me. Funny.

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