Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We have been having problems with Illhoof over the last few months. While we had gotten him down occasionally, it was not "on farm" by any means. Since I respecced to Protection recently, I have been main tanking Illhoof. The biggest problem with the fight, is the imps he spawns. They shoot fireballs which hit the healers. Since Paladins have an AoE threat builder in Consecration, I can gather those mobs to hit me instead of our healers (of which I used to be one).

So as of now, I proclaim Illhoof to be on farm. That leaves Prince as the one fight we haven't gotten down yet. That is such a luck fight though, I don't think any guild can truly say its on farm.

I tried to tank Nightbane, but he hits hard. I need to work on my defense and stamina for that fight. Soon, perhaps. I need a helm.

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