Thursday, April 10, 2008

Screencap: Asher on a Throne

Trinkit (70 Gnome Mage) from the Keepers posted on our guild boards recently about our run through BRD. We dragged Rhianne's (70 Night Elf Druid) real life friend, and all around awesome chick, Dianthys (50ish Human Mage) through there for quests and gear.

I tanked, Rhianne healed, with Trinkit and Dianthys doing the damage. Dian got 4 really awesome upgrades and I still need to get some enchants done on her gear.

It was fun going through there again.


Dianthys said...

awww that was a sweet nite! I think I'm bowing to you on that throne.

I need to figure out that screen shot taker thingie. I have the bestest guild in town!



Asher said...

Glad you posted. :) To take a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. They are saved in your C:/Program Files/WorldofWarcraft/Screenshots folder. :)