Saturday, April 19, 2008

WIDT: Sunken Temple, Heroic Arcatraz, and BE Huntard

I finished so late last night, that I was nearly falling asleep at my keyboard, so I waited till I could actually write to talk about what I did today (err... yesterday).

Rhianne (70 Night Elf Druid [Restoration]), and myself on Asher took guildies Dianthys (55 Human Mage) and Cryptsmasher (56 Dranaei Warrior, whos main is Keepers officer Alphaquasar) through Sunken Temple. Both of them got some good loot, and finished off some quests. I am not a big fan of ST, and I am looking forward to the two of them getting into Scholomance and Stratholm, both of which I love.

After finishing there, we headed off to Heroic daily Arcatraz. I was tanking, and Rhianne healed. We also had Trinkit (70 Gnome Mage [Fire]), Alphaquasar (70 Human Warlock) and Dredgore (70 Human Warlock, who's main is Claden). We bounced off Zereketh a couple of times, then decided to skip him as he is the hardest to do on Heroic. We finished the instance after dying alot, but that is a heroic I suppose. I had a 45g repair bill, ugh. It was worth it though, as Rhianne got a cool healing gem. We sharded up everything else.

After that, I logged over to my Blood Elf Hunter, and ground out two more levels, to 23. I expect next week I will be up to the upper 20's and hopefully can join the group.

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