Monday, April 14, 2008

WIDT: Heroic Slave Pens

What I Did Today

Ground out some more SSO rep today, spent 2+ hours on the dailies. Its not hard by any means, but it is time consuming. I will be happy to get Exalted on Asher and start working on something else.

In guild news, long time Keeper Namoria's last day was today. She is going to school in the fall, and wanted to focus on her school work, and enjoying her senior year of High School. I expect she will be back, but I wish her well in her last months of school. :)

Ran PVP on Dorabel with our 3v3 arena group. Went 4-6 on the day, with a 1400+ rating. It would be nice to be higher, but I am comfortable with our team so far. We are going to replace Namoria with Rhianne next week for PVP. Will be nice to have her take Namoria's role.

Also ran Heroic Slave Pens tonight with the gang. It was slow going, but we finished. My computer crashed right after we downed the boss. Glad we were done.

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