Thursday, May 22, 2008

Raid Night: Zul'Aman

For the first time in three weeks, we were able to get a Thursday Zul'Aman run in. Over all, it was a night very similar to Tuesday. The raid had reset, so we had all the bosses to do over again, which is fine with us. Again this week, we had problems with the stupid gong. Took a couple of minutes to get the timing down. I wonder what the trick is.

We did the four pulls up to the Bear boss, with a minor hiccup during the third pull. Once we got to Narolakk, it was an easy nine minutes. Although, I did have to have a Battle Rez near the end of the fight. Jaralon (70 Draenai Hunter) got Fury.

We moved on to the Eagle boss guantlet, and wiped the first shot. It was the first time we have wiped on it so far. While a downer, we were able to get it the second time. I still contend its a fun fight. We gave a shot on the Eagle, but I was killed after the first collapse. The second try was a success, and we took him down without a hitch. Guill (70 Human Warrior) got Akil'zon's Talonblade.

We had a number of wipes on our way to the Lynx, including another with the last Akil'zon's Handler pulls, as none of them we were able to crowd control. We finally made it to the Lynx boss with about 20 minutes left in our time. This gave us two shots. The first time, we wiped after the first split, with the boss at 58%. The second shot had us wiping at 59%. I took a 16,800 last from him, and survived. Rhianne and I were both amazed.

The Lynx is a tough fight, and we are going to need more time with him to get him down. I expect it will happen next week. We need to wipe less on the trash, even if our unofficial name is "Wipes on Trash" (the future second raiding team will be called "Did You Get The Quest?"). Once that happens, we will be able to get the timer mission down. Especially the first boss. Its only a matter of time.

I expressed that I felt I wasn't doing a good job leading this raid, but Rhianne said that she felt the same way during the early days of Kara. I would have never thought that, as she always seemed so cool about it. I am going to try to choke down that feeling in the future.

Good run tonight. Looking forward to getting down the Lynx next week, and getting Kara this weekend.


Anonymous said...

You do a fine job leading our raids, you just have to watch mana, and make sure that everyone understands their roles. Some hitches in CC and a few really quick pulls were our biggest issues (not to mention the LoS healing issues on the way to the Bear). It is kind like herding cats sometimes, trying to remember who needs to do what and when. I will run with you anytime! ~Trinkit

Asher said...

I appreciate your comment Trinkit. I am one of those types who stresses about EVERYTHING! Especially things I can't control. I still made a few noobish mistakes, but I think I am learning from them. We shall see.

Anonymous said...


You are doing fine and you need to smack me every time I start to butt in. Lol. It takes time, nothing like this ever comes in the first shot. We are learning the pulls and learning from our mistakes. We will get it down. Don't let it get you down.

And yes, I was really really self concious when I started Kara, but you know what, it passes. And this too shall pass for you. Just remember, we are a team and we will be there through it with you.


Asher said...


I am hoping that over the next couple weeks we will form our core team. From that we can be successful, but its not going to happen until we get these bosses down.

In time. :) Thanks for your comments.