Friday, May 16, 2008

Real Life WoW

My wife and I were at a Sharper Image that was closing in a mall near us. I was wearing my favorite "Make Games, Not War" tshirt when we found this great gaming chair, that has built in speakers including a big ass subwoofer in the back. We carried it to the front counter, where this 20-something guy was helping people out. He looked at me, then at the box and smiled.

"You have a gaming shirt, and buying a gaming chair. What game are you playing?" He laughed.

I responded, "World of Warcraft." He laughed again, harder.

"I play too! I have a 70 Hunter on so-in-so server."

I told him my server, and the 3 70's I have. He smiled, and checked us out. Its funny sometimes when the real world, and WoW collide.

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