Thursday, May 22, 2008

WIDT: The Last of Stranglethorn

After seeing Iron Man tonight, (wait till the credits are over to leave, easter egg there) I got online and spent an hour working on Adormra, the NE Rogue. I hit 48 during my last session with him, and was working through the last of the Stranglethorn Vale quests. I decided to leave STV, and not finish the zone. I have leveled so fast through the 40's, I have been able to skip most of the quests there.

I am really looking forward to doing BRD in the next couple of levels. Then perhaps Stratholm and Scholo. Been a long time since I have done those on level. I do Strat Dead on Asher all the time, farming shards for gold, and Barons Mount. Done 20 runs or so with no luck. Its hard to drop all my gear off and get up there for maximum profit, but when I do I try to do two or three runs in a row.

I need to discuss my Baron Mount run strategy at a future date.

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