Sunday, May 25, 2008

PVP and Guild Meeting

Xanice (70 Human Priest [Holy]) and Dorabel (70 Dwarf Hunter [Beastmastery]) were the PVP work horses tonight, doing all 10 3v3 games. We went 7-3, with Rhianne (70 Night Elf Druid) losing 2, and Hurricaine (70 Night Elf Hunter) losing 1. We finished with 1418 on the week, which isn't bad for a casual group.

Aeth (70 Human Paladin [Retribution]) was talking about Season 4, and how it is not geared towards the casual player do to Personal Rating requirement on all the good S4 pieces. Its going to push out the casual player completely. I like doing Arena though, and maybe S4 will force me to get more serious about it.

Last week I was able to get Vengeful Gladiator's Chain Leggings this week, which is a nice upgrade from the badge loot pants. I will still keep those for raiding, as it has more AP and Agility. I am now over 200 Resilience now, so I am quite happy.

We also held our guild meeting, but there was a low turnout. We are looking for a new recruitment officer, as we really need to start some solid recruitment efforts. It was a good meeting, though, and we were out of there quick.

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