Saturday, May 10, 2008

No ZA, Slave Pens, alt leveling, and blogger update

Blogger has been up and down the last couple days, so I apologize for not updating more regularly.

Wednesday: I didn't play at all. Took the day off, and enjoyed playing a rousing best of five game of Fluxx with the missus.

Thursday: We tried to get ZA going, but we were short a tank. Our second, Isbaern was out of town on business, so he couldn't go with us. Most of our friends were in SSC. After that we tried doing Heroic Magister's Terrace, but we just couldn't get it together, and went to Heroic Slave Pens instead. We wiped once, and finished in less than an hour.

Friday: I played around with my Rogue, Adormra, and hit 44 with him. I am getting alot more comfortable with the class, and am looking forward to doing some on level instances runs in my 60's.

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