Monday, May 19, 2008

Horde Monday: RFD

I got home earlier than I expected today, and was able to get onto Wyndistorm and quickly burn through 34 in about 90 minutes of questing. People started logging on, and I wasn't sure I was going to get a spot, so I just kept questing. By the time I got an invite, I had already worked my way through half of 35.

We decided that we would hit Razorfen Downs. I have only been there once before, back when I played my very first toon, an Undead Warrior. Our tank, Direhoof (36? Tauren Warrior) lost his connection, so Keli (37 Tauren Druid) took over. We did really well, with no wipes. I was 40% higher on the damage meters than anyone else. My pet was doing 34% of my damage roughly, so I was getting 6% higher damage than people two levels higher.

I have been doing this experiment with Adormra (48 Night Elf Rogue) and Wyndistorm where I focus strictly on Agility. It has been paying off in spades in my opinion. As a hunter, I rarely am taking damage so outside of PVP there isn't much need for Stamina. On the rogue, I am killing mobs so fast that the amount of damage they are doing is minimal. I think this may be part of why I am doing so much more damage than the others.

While we were in RFD, I dinged 36. I need to run to Desolace soon, so I can learn Claw (Rank 5).


Anonymous said...

hey Asher,
I've been doing the same on my horde huntard, Riegel. Agity all the way, closely followed by attack power. I have a +14 AP sword that is lvl 15, but I don't think that it is doing me any harm at the moment. I keep checking stats, but I can't find any one or two handers that will match it.

I'm also only lvl 32 and a dif spec then you though - mostly marksman, but my kitty seems to live long enough and I typically let it get a good head start on aggro, by the time they are onto me... they die at my feet. Lovely for looting! bring it monsters!!! ttfn Dragon.

Asher said...

I have tried Marksman a number of times, and have found that its just not that easy for me. I get impatient I guess, and pull the mob before its time to.

I like the fact that my pet is a tank. It can hold those mobs for as long as needed, and I can just stand back and fire. On Dorabel though, its getting difficult as my gear gets better. Its harder and harder for my pet to hold aggro as I get more epiced out. My PVP kitty cannot hold any aggro at all, even with Growl.

Thanks for your comment. You should sign up for Gmail, then you will have a blogger account and can comment properly. :)