Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Zul'Aman: The Long Road Back

About 10 days after patch 2.3 hit, and Zul'Aman was opened, the Keepers went in there to see the place and give the first boss a try. We were told that it was hard, and boy was it. We couldn't get pass the 2nd pull up to the Bear boss. We were disheartened. About six weeks later, we went in there again, but couldn't get the last pull before the Bear. Again, we were disheartened.

Enter tonight. We were prepared, had flasks and food for everyone. We had a couple of blips on our way to Bear. The first shot, we didn't have the tanks correctly positioned. In the second try, I taunted the boss off of Isbaern (70 Night Elf Warrior [Protection]), which caused us to wipe. On the third try, Isbaern and I had the switching back and forth perfectly, and were able to down the Bear! Xanice (70 Human Priest [Holy]) got a cool healing robe.

We moved over to the Eagle guantlet, and began. I was in the rear, taking down the elites from the back, so I wasn't able to see much of the fight. We killed the birdman, and explained the Eagle boss to everyone. We started the fight, and things went perfectly. We were able to collapse and reform with perfect timing, the heals were great, and the dps was steady. We finished the fight with five players up, but we downed the boss the first shot! We were so proud! Isbaern picked up a chest piece for his dps set.

We took a couple of swipes at the Lynx boss, without any luck. We need some more time to work on it. Maybe we will get him down on Thursday.

I am so proud of the guild for getting these two bosses down! We have another shot at them on Thursday, and I am really looking forward to this!


Anonymous said...

Gratz on ZA!!! woohoo

Dem trollz iz hard wurk brudda~!


Asher said...

They were a pain in the ass, but I think we got Bear and Eagle down perfectly. Next up, Lynx. :)