Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raid Night: Zul'Aman

We had a great night in ZA, much like our first run in there two weeks ago. We had a few hiccups on the Bear boss pulls, but were able to teach the 4 new people we had the fights. We only had one mage tonight, Hawtas (70 Dranaei Mage [Fire]), so some of the CC was tough. Once we got to the boss though, it was smooth sailing. Our second tank, and former Keeper Guill (70 Human Warrior [Protection]) and I clicked along perfectly. At one point, I went down, but our healer Saffrin (70 Night Elf Druid [Resto]) gave me a quick battle rez, and I was able to pick up my rotation without a problem. She was quite good tonight. Took 9 and a half minutes, but we got him down. Rhianne got Bladeangel's Money Belt.

We moved over to the Eagle boss gauntlet, and took it down again in one shot. It just doesn't seem to be a problem for us, even though alot of people complain about how hard it is. We just haven't seen it, and its a fun, fast paced fight.

We got to the Eagle, explained the in and out rotation during the storms, and got to it. I pulled the boss before Guill could get his dps gear on, oops. We moved through the fight very easily. Hawtas went down early, but another battle rez got him back into the fray. We seemed to have the collapsing and expanding out perfectly, and with 22 seconds left on the frenzy timer we downed him. I got the Chestguard of Hidden Purpose for my healing set.

We took a break, and came back for our run to the Lynx boss. We had a few more wipes during these pulls, which put us way behind. By the time we got to the Lynx himself, it was 11:30pm server time, and we could only give him one shot. We made it through the first split, but lost a couple of people early to the lighting totems and it was a wipe.

Would like to thank our friends at the Champions of the Realm (rotten name stealer's!) for joining us this week. Looking forward to having you out on Thursday.

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