Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WIDT: Horde Monday!, Dueling outside Ironforge

I logged on to Wyndi tonight to see if there was an open spot, but there wasn't. A third group is being formed, but other toons are farther behind me. I may have to wait another month maybe? I don't relish that. I had such a good time running in Scarlet Monastery last time, I just want to get a run in.

After I logged off, I headed over to Adormra, my Rogue, and got through most of 42. I only have a few bars, but a real-life friend wanted to join the guild, so I logged onto Asher.

I invited my friend Nano, to the guild and we chatted for a bit. Then I dueled Rhianne and Hawtas, beating both. When fighting Rhianne, we were banging on each other, and she got me down to about 1500hp. I popped Lay on Hands (instant heal for 14k), stunned her out of her heal, and beat her down the last couple thousand hp. It was a nice duel, and I had to pop a cooldown to win. Good fight, Rhi.

Tomorrow is ZA. I am worried.

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