Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Raid Night: Zul'Aman

Last night, we went into Zul'Aman again. We were just running in to fight Nalorakk, when the timer ran out. We should have the Bear boss down on Thursday by the timer. That will be a great success for us in my opinion. Aeth got the Mask of Introspection for his healing set, and might I say, this is a wild looking helm.

We had some trouble with the Eagle boss again this week. It seems like this guy is feast or famine for us, but when we did get him down after the second gauntlet run everyone seemed to get it. While I say he is on farm, its annoying to wipe on him. I picked up Bloodstained Elven Battlevest for my dps set.

We made our way to the Lynx boss with only a couple of wipes, and tried him three times. Twice he was pulled accidentally by healers, and the middle time we had some other healing problems which caused me to go down quickly. The boss has a big Saber Lash which does 12K-18K damage, but splits it between the two tanks. It seemed like I kept eating the full lash. Our off-tank was in position correctly, and he took a full lash as well during the second attempt. I am not sure we can do anything else about it, other than to get Isbaern's health up above 18K.

We got the first two bosses down now, we just need to start working on getting the trash pulls on the way to them down. Once we do that, we will have a better chance of having more shots on Lynx. Since we started ZA, we have faced the Lynx 7 times with no luck.

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